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  1. J


    Hello, What is AVSDK5 and where did it come from. Do I need to keep it
  2. G

    Removal of some favorites

    Hello, I have some marked some favorites which I have no further use. How do I remove them please
  3. C

    Unable to start bluetooth stack service

    any solution for this problem
  4. U

    Cannot hear side speakers during speaker test

    there is no sound coming out my laptop when am playing music, what should i do?
  5. N

    Best 22in LCD for mee??

    Hey all, I have been reading a plethora of infoz, and to be honest, my head is spinning! Im really lost on what the heck to buy at this point, and so, Im hoping you all can help me out here! Im looking for a 22in LCD (could go smaller or bigger but 22in seems like a nice size). And Id like to...
  6. G

    Any problems using USB 2.0 hubs with Scanner + Printer

    Archived from groups: comp.periphs.printers (More info?) I'm running short on USB connections, and it occurred to me that I can save a connection or two by using a USB 2.0 hub on my Canon Scanner, i850, and ip4000. I can't think of any time when I'd be using more than one simultaneously. Any...
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    Dye vs Pigment

    Archived from groups: comp.periphs.printers (More info?) Found this on the www.marrut.com site. Thought it might be of interest. What I find interesting about it is the fact that this is a company that is for the serious photograper and supplies only Lyson ink which is nearly (but not all)...
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    HP LaserJet 2300 "feature": HP-only toner?

    Archived from groups: comp.periphs.printers (More info?) Our new HP LaserJet 2300n comes with this advertised feature: "The printer checks for authentic HP print cartridges". Does this mean what I think it means? Only HP toner cartridges are allowed? And HP considers this a feature to...
  9. K

    Mustek scanner and programs??

    Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.scanner (More info?) I have a "Plug & Scan 96 CP" Mustek-scanner that I want to use. I want to scan pages into MS Excel-format, how do I do that? I found a driver on Internet, but I also need a program to scan with. What program can I use to get the...
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    Dead pixels?

    One of the things which is holding me back from odering either a NEC or a Viewsonic flat screen is the issue of dead pixels. -what percentage of flat screens have at least one dead pixel? -what retailers will take a monitor back / exchange it if it has one or more dead pixels? (rather than...
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    BNC Connectors

    I'm trying to connect a 5x BNC cable to my monitor. Now, I've figured out where to plug the red, the green, and the blue connectors. Now, there are two more: the grey and the black ones. The manual speaks of a Composite Sync connector and a Vertical Sync connector. But which is which? Is the...
  12. L

    How much HD video can i take with a 32g sd memory card

    I have a 2G disk in my Canon Powershot A2200 HD camera and lots of my painted items on there but if I want to record and make a video with my seminar what do I need? Just rough guess, nothing fancy, which is the best choice for the disk 32g?
  13. M

    How to use lcd screen on pentax ist ds

    Hello, How do I switch between viewfinder and lcd screen? There is no reference to this in manual. Even, can I do this? Thank you in advance Bert
  14. A

    Looking at buying a compact camera!

    Hi guys I'm looking at buying a digital camera under $600(Australian Dollars). The two models that I have been suggested (at a retailer store..) are: 1. Canon IXUS 65 (price $599AUS) 2. Olympus MJU 810 (price $599AUS) After doing my reviews research in http://www.viewscore.com/vsCP/3 I've...
  15. M

    Dual booting and drivers?

    I have a hp dv4 1427nr comes loaded with windows vista. Well the problem is I have hundreds of games that I ran on my xp system. Most of these games even trying compatability mode will not work on vista. So I have watched tutorials and read on how to perform a dual boot. Vista system to include...
  16. G

    Vista compatible printers list

    Hello, I have a HP PSC 2410 photosmart All-in-one printer and a hp windows vista laptop. is there any printer drivers I can istall so that I can use my printer without having to buy a brand new printer?
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    Flatbed Scanner 22 Driver

    Hello, i want acer flatbed scanner software
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    Please help

    Hello, when i start my laptop it lets me singh in as the user then it asks me for the product key, it wont let me acsess my desktop at all and it wont let me press my start button , please help
  19. K

    Organizing computer after os reinstallation

    so my computer was running great until i started dowloading stuff for a overclock on my gpus. i got like rivatuner, cpu-z, hw-monitor, and bunch of other garbage like prime95. then my harddrive crashed. reboot error came up and and no boot drive available or somthing like that. took me a month...
  20. Q

    XPS M1330 Sluggish Performance

    Hello guys, my aunt's laptop is acting very sluggish. Vista loads in 3mins and running windows update slows the laptop to a halt. Opening some items in control panel also gives the same result. I narrowed it down to 2 possible culprits, memory (only 1GB DDR2 667 SODIMM) and corrupted OS. I'm...