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  1. Dcopymope

    Question Question about the firewall that comes with your modem

    Can the firewalls on the modems provided to us by the various service providers perform deep packet inspection or can it only do stateful packet inspections? :unsure:
  2. D

    Question All Games Running Slow Suddenly

    Specs: i7-4820k, Gtx 970, 16gb ram I bought some new ram about 9 days ago, corsair vengeance 16gb. Install was fine and all of my games were running butter smooth on ultra settings with 60-70+ FPS for 2 days. I'm not exactly sure when it happened, if it was after I installed the newest Nvidia...
  3. nickkoops

    [SOLVED] Best upgrade from i5 4460?

    I really want to upgrade from my I5 4460, but my budget is 500 euros. So i really need some help with my upgrades, or should I save up for a bigger upgrade? Thanks for the help :)
  4. RTTribz

    Question Upgrade suggestions for an old prebuilt I have this computer from a while back and would like to upgrade it. A stick of ram died so it's only firing off of one of the two sticks. Other than that, the build is accurate. I was thinking I could salvage the CPU and...
  5. F

    Question Question About Noise

    Hello, I recently (8 days ago) purchased a Powerspec G316 computer from microcenter. This computer is running an RTX 2070, i5 9600k, an M.2 drive (not NVME), an asrock z390, and 16 gigs of ddr4 3000mhz ram. When I power it off, it makes this very very (very.) tiny screeching noise before...
  6. C

    Question will 600w psu be enough rx 560?

    So i've been planning to upgrade my graphics card and buy an RX 560. My question is will a 600w psu enough for the GPU. Specs: CPU - AMD FX-8320 HDD - SATA 1TB Motherboard - ASRock 990 Pro3.0 I don't know much about PCs. Sorry for my bad English
  7. W

    Question Raid 5 depleted ASRock P67 Extreme6

    Hi guys. I had 4 8tb disks running raid 5 on sata 2 ports of ASRock P67 Extreme6 card. One drive got water damaged and is dead now. Array works but in depleted mode at the boot up. I went into a utility and there is no option to recover, however I haven't tried replacing a disk yet. I am...
  8. P

    Question Please Help! FPS drops to 5 after not playing games for a couple of months!!

    This has happened for the third time now. When I don't play games for a couple of month the fps goes down to 5. CPU usage barely reaches 60%. GPU usage at 92% with normal temperature at 62 celsius. It resolved on its own the first time after playing the game at bad fps a few weeks. But the...
  9. X

    Question Is my system stable enough?

    I recently tried to OC my ryzen 2600x with pbo + xfr with bclk. Bclk set to 103 and ram at 3333 cl18(3430 with de bclk). I ran prime95 blender for 3h and aida64 with cpu,fpu,memory and cache for 7h without crash. Can I consider my OC stable?
  10. Petsku333

    [SOLVED] Sudden latency problem with voice applications like Teamspeak and Discord

    So it just starts out of nowhere that my ping to applications such as teamspeak or discord goes to something ridiculous like 6000 or 30000 ms and during this time I can browse the web just fine watch youtube videos play games etc. and get good results on Speedtest but my speech is really...
  11. M

    Question Audio loss with Creative X-Fi after late Feb/early March 2019 update?

    Not sure how to describe this but it 'seems' to be related to the March 2019 Windows Update. -Audio cuts off in games after playing a variable timeframe of 8-30 minutes. This affects the whole OS. -Temp. fix would be to close all browsers and anything else using audio then go into Device...
  12. J

    [SOLVED] Ram Upgrade

    Hey! Right now I have 8 GB ram and I will upgrade it to 16 by adding the same one. So my question is do I need to make something to my computer or I just can install the ram on the slot, turn on the computer and everything will work fine? (I'm sorry if this question sounds dumb)
  13. Crossvxm

    Question Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 1070 thermal pad thickness, etc?

    I opened up my G1 Gaming 1070 Rev 1.0 to replace the thermal paste and unfortunately there was no way to avoid compromising the thinner thermal pads as they are sticky and tore like nothing. How thick are they, and what are the best options to replace it with? The closest thing locally is...
  14. M

    [SOLVED] MSI MS-7634 Ver1.1 a good mobo?

    I'm rebuilding my previous PC and have come across a MSI MS-7634 Ver1.1 mobo is this a good mobo?
  15. E

    Question Are my components compatible with this case?

    I have motherboard: H61M-HVS Power supply: Hercules pro 580 GPU: gtx 1060 6gb cpu: i5-3450 I was wondering if its compatible with this case
  16. D

    Question Electricity problems cause windows restore issue?

    Hey, i live in africa, and electricity cuts often, anyways I'm planning to restore windows 10(with keep my files) cause of some networking issues, if the electricity cuts while im restoring windows, what could be the consequences?
  17. S

    Question RGB lighting confusion

    Hi, I have recently purchased the gigabyte z390 master. I have the deepcool castle liquid cooler and an extra fan, all addressable RGB. I was under the impression that this deepcool castle was rgb fusion compatible, but here is my problem. The controller that came with the castle controls the...
  18. D

    Question Small shock when i touched my Gpu when i was installing it

    I touched one of the screws on my Rtx 2070 because it had a black sticker on it so i was curious. Gave me a small shock, no visible zap, just a shock u would get from touching a door handle. The thing was i was grounded the whole time, the psu was off, though i am certain it was just the screw i...
  19. F

    Question Solder CPU Heatsink mount back onto motherboard

    I made a thread nearly a week ago regarding the heatsink mount that separated from the motherboard in my MSI GT70 2PC. I tried epoxy, which failed to resolved the issue as it couldn't adhere to the surface of the PCB. My other option now is to attempt to solder it back to the board, which...
  20. A

    Question two sets of ram both report poorly

    If I have two separate sets of ram (I'm trying 2 and then another 2 and running all 4 at once) and they always report to be under performing is it most likely that the mother board is the problem? Or could there be something else? edit: according to pc part picker both sets of ram are...