code red worms



There are now 4 new code red worms affecting windows 2000 servers. I see about 10 worm attempts an hour on my server logs. What pisses me off is that the majority of these come from infected computers that will never be patched. I just read somewhere that this worm thing will be here to stay. Those machines that will be patched have been and everyone else can't be bothered to patch their own machines. I'm wondering why someone doesn't release a 5th version of the worm that finds unpatched machines and instead of making back doors or whatnot just downloads and installs the patch and reboots. Would that just be too easy or what?


Mar 31, 2001
Funny that you would mention that. i heard that some programmers are working on that very thing. i think I heard it on TechTV. I just hope that it will be soon. I glad you had the patch and took good security measures to do regular audits of you system. A good web site for Win2k security and other good stuff is;

Fisher of men


Aug 20, 2001
I got Windows 2000 installed. I have not secured myself from Red worms. How do I do it and is it necesary to do it since im getting my internet signals from a W98 computer with 2 network adapters installed (One for Cable modem and one for LAN). Does Service Pack 2 help the problems? Finally what is a red worm at what does it do? If I have got some worms in my machine what do i need to do? (format machine, virus detection etc.)???