Command Prompt help


Dec 8, 2010
well im new to the whole pc tech thing and trying to get A+ certified and right now im learning how to use the command prompt interface. I get the basics on navigating through and running programs from it, the problem im having is accessing my 32 bit program files ex: <dir> Program files <x86>. when i do "CD programs files" it bring me to my 64 bit programs which isnt a whole lot. Is there a way to acces my 32 bit programs, unfortunetly my text book doesnt explain that.
Use "cd .." ( .. will move you up one level in the tree each time you enter it) to change to the root C:\ directory and then from there enter "cd program files (x86)" and hit enter (without the quotes !!)

the folder name is program files (x86) so you must enter the full name if you just enter cd program files it will take you to that folder which is different.

Or another alternative is to enter the full path from whatever folder you are first in -- ie "cd c:\program files (x86)" and pressing enter will take you directly from the folder you are in to the program files (x86) folder without the need to go to the root folder first.


From the Dos Prompt c:\ type dir/p and a full list of your folders on C:\ will appear( one screen at a time). You can then find the folder you want and access it. If you get stuck type help and a full list of help commands appear if you then find which part you need help on type help ....(..... being the command you want help with) example help copy will show you the syntax and switches to copy files and folders. Type exit to leave your dos session. (I know it is only a dos emulator in windows but it is very similar to Dos6.22 )