Computer just shuts down


Feb 10, 2008
Hello i just started having a problom where id turn the pc on surf the web for 10-15 min an then the pc just up an shuts off and i went an bought a new video card and a new hard drive to see if that was the problom now im getting 1 long beep followed by 2 fast beeps an it dosent post. i get it to finally post start up using winows cd to install fresh win7 on new harddrive half way through the pc shuts off i had pc monitor on it an my cpu temp was around 60degrees when it shut off not sure if its heat related. i have striped it down to just gpu 1 stick of ram an it still shuts off after a min or 2 running.

core 2 duo e6600
gigabyte Ga-p35-ds3l MB
seagate 500gb HD
Evga gtx 460Fermi
4gb g.skill ddr2 pc2-8000