Question Computer keeps restarting after installing new ram with nothing on display

Aug 29, 2020
I have a i7 9700k, rtx 2080, asrock z390 pro4 motherboard, 750w p. supply, 500gb 970 evo m2 ssd. The old ram was 3866mhz 16gb(2x8). The new ram is 4000mhz 32gb(2x16). The computer keeps rebooting and nothing is coming up on my monitor which i tested with an other pc with the same cable and works. I have tried removing the cmos battery, I tried letting it sit. I tried unplgging pwoer supply and holding down the power button. I have tried re-seating the ram sticks. I tried using old ram and new ram both sticks of each and one stick of each in each ram slot. Around a year ago I upgraded my cpu cooler and removed the ram sticks then to replace it. Back then I ran into a similar issue after removing the ram. It did the same thing with rebooting over and over with nothing being displayed. I don't remember how I fixed it back then.