Question Computer not Starting

Feb 15, 2023
I built my computer and everything went fine, system booted up installed windows everything was going WAY TO GOOD! Then I decided I did not have enough RGB in the case so I decided to add Lian Li Strimers for motherboard power and video card power extensions. Put it all in and press power button, NOTHING. When I checked the system I discovered I had installed the System Panel headers upsidedown, fixed push power button and still nothing. So then I check the power supply by using a paper clip and it worked fine. So then I decide to take the motherboard out of the case, reattached the psu and the gpu. Touched a screwdriver to power header, nothing. Did I break the mb? I have searched on line for the last two days and have found no solutions, any help will be greatly appreciate.
Here is a list of components
Asus ROG Strix B-550-A
Corsair PSU CX750F
32M Corsair Dominator Memory