Question Computer only boots after I restart multiple times after I updated my BIOS


Aug 15, 2015
I updated my BIOS using the instant flash option yesterday because I was trying to fix an issue where my computer wouldn't wake up from sleep, and now I can only sometimes boot it after restarting. This never happened before I attempted to update it. Now I have to restart using the power button 3-5 times before it will boot. I don't know why I am having problems because it said the BIOS installed successfully.

One weird thing that I did notice was, after the update was finished and the BIOS screen told me to restart, my computer started turning on and off very quickly like it was having trouble booting. Once it did this a handful of times and the computer didn't boot, I interfered and turned it on and off with the power button. After a few restarts, it turned back on. I also want to note that when I try to boot my computer and it doesn't work, my fans will sound like they're at 100% power. I can tell instantly if the computer will boot after clicking the power button just based on this.

Also, sometimes when it boots it doesn't use my GPU and I have to plug an HDMI into my motherboard to see the screen.

I've tried restarting the CMOS but that didn't fix my issue.

Specs if they help:

CPU: i5-4690k @ 3.5Ghz
Motherboard: Asrock Z97 Extreme 4, BIOS version P2.60 (after the update)
Video Card: MSI R9 390
HDD: 1TB Western Digital
SDD(s): 256GB Samsung, 128GB Sandisk (boot disk)