Computer problem.....please help


Jan 24, 2009
I have this problem constantly killing me. The computer keeps restarting on me sometimes it does BSOD =/ I've used metest 86 overnight and it didn't show any error. I changed the ram's voltage to 2.1v everything else set to auto. Before (had it fixed) my graphic card stayed at idle speed core, shadow, and others so i plug the power cord on an other cord and it works again.

My specs are
Vista 64-bit
Mother Board: Asus P5Q
Core: Q6700
Ram: Cosair 2 x 2gb pc8500 1066mhz 5-5-5-15
PSU: Cosair 650w
GC: 9800GTX +

My Temperature runs around
Processor 30C
GC: 38C

The voltage are correct on the rite numbers.
It only restart when im playing games like WW3, fallout 3, grid, bioshock and more. It never restart on website, using programs like words, power point, real player.

In addition to all this, there is this weird word saying something about express gate way error thing. First thing it shows up when i turn computer on. Also after the first flash of the screen ASUS when loading. It shows hard drive not found, but bios reads it probably and i can still get to the i dont think it's a problem =/ ( my HD is Segate 500gb 7200.11 i know the bad problem with the hd i was stupid to buy it, didnt look before buying it)