Computer random shutdown Please help


May 23, 2012
Hello, for about a month now I have been experiencing random shutdowns with my computer, it was custom built from cyberpowerpc and has been running fine for about 5 months. At first they wer not common and my computer would start up again by itself, after this they became more commmon and the computer stopped restarting itself and i would have to, then i wouldnt be able to restart it and would have to unplug it and re plug it to restart it. Now not even that is working but i discovered that if i hit the back (i wish i didn't have too ;_; ) it will turn back on. It has shutdown from at completely random times like while playing games, surfing the internet, or just idling. Is it a psu issue or what?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


May 30, 2012
I had a problem like that and it turned out to be a faulty power supply, I am guessing that a connection inside the power supply came loose or was never correctly soldered since apparently hitting it will cause the connection to be reestablished until either the heat or spring-like nature of the cable seperates it again. Most custom built computers will use adequate components, however the PSU is one place that they can skimp and usually get away with it. I'm not sure if it may still be under some kind of warrenty but I would contact them nonetheless to see if they can help, if not PSU's are not too expensive if you must replace them yourself.
Hope that helps somewhat, sorry that it doesn't seem like an easy fix.


Nov 15, 2011
it sound like a power supply issue the use cheap ones that barely laugh depending on your pc get a psu and replace it yourself i suggest getting a corsair, seasonic, ocz, antec brand power supplys