Question Computer randomly bluescreens every few months


Aug 24, 2018
I had posted a thread with the same problem I have now thinking I had solved the problem. Essentially my computer will randomly bluescreen every few months with the error code CMUSBDAC.sys The solution given was for my blue snowball microphone which seemed to be causing the crash. I did the fix and all was well. Until today when it happened again, specifically as I was unplugging an Xbox360 controller out of the usb slot in the frront of my pc. However, I have a minidump file of the crash as the previous solution requested me do. I would appreciate if anyone could read this and help me find a solution to this problem. Ill link the file here:!ytdRHYDC!s353McgqqRBn5dwFghxuTA1nEmXZdPp6CacLydr_4bA

PC Tailor

Looking through the dump file it does indeed look like CMUSBDAC.sys - however i wouldn't have said that the Snowball Microphone was the problem, but the USB driver itself.

The CMUSBDAC is your C-Media USB driver- which one would assume is the default USB driver for your system however could you post your system spec to confirm.

As you can see the driver appears in the stack text multiple times leading up to the crash and is also the last driver immediately before the crash.

Rich (BB code):
[0x0]   CMUSBDAC + 0x387047   
[0x1]   0xffff9d805c80a1e0
[0x2]   nt!ExFreePoolWithTag + 0x2ce
[0x3]   CMUSBDAC + 0x128151   
[0x4]   0xffffcf8ae8cbbb10
[0x5]   nt!PiDmDeviceInterfaceManager
[0x6]   0xffffcf8ae8cbbb10
[0x7]   0xffffcf8ae8cbbb00
[0x8]   0xc000000d
[0x9]   CMUSBDAC + 0x38811f   
[0xa]   0xffffcf8ae7da9750
[0xb]   0xffffcf8ae7da9750
However I can also see that you are running Windows 10, where some C-Media USB driver does not support W10 anymore. The driver is also dated back to 2016 which are the old W8 drivers usually:
6: kd> lmvm CMUSBDAC
Browse full module list
start             end                 module name
fffff801`12d90000 fffff801`13132000   CMUSBDAC T (no symbols)           
    Loaded symbol image file: CMUSBDAC.sys
    Image path: CMUSBDAC.sys
    Image name: CMUSBDAC.sys
    Browse all global symbols  functions  data
    Timestamp:        Tue Nov 29 04:30:23 2016 (583D045F)
I would begin by confirming your system spec as each manufacturer can do their own custom W10 compatible drivers. I could grab your system info from the dump file otherwise I would check myself :)


Aug 24, 2018
Yeah, I suspected the usb was causing the problem as it bluescreened the second I pulled out my controller. I will just list out all my system specs here in case anything else is relevant: Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3.1, CPU - AMD FX 8350, GPU - Geforce GTX 1050 Ti, PSU - EVGA 850W BQ 80+ Bronze, SSD - Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB, and my case is the Bitfenix Nova BFX-NOV-100-KKWSK-RP. I hope this helps fix this problem as this has been happening ever since I got my PC.