Question Computer restarting on boot

Mar 13, 2019
I just assembled my new build in the case but it wouldnt boot, so i took it out of there and tested it on the mobo box instead. When i turn on the power on the PSU the mobo flashes for a split second. When i turn on the power, either with the power button when it was connected to the case or shorting the power headers on the front panel headers, it turns on for about 20 seconds, turns off and on again about 5 times before completely shutting down. The boot LED is on and the cpu LED flashes a few times before og turning off. According to the manual, a light means that the corresponding process is not working correctly. Currently only the cpu is connected to the mobo and the 24-pin atx connector and the 8-pin cpu connector are the only ones connected. I have tried both with and without the cpu fan, so overheating is not the problem although i did find it running very hot at one point. I don't have another cpu to test with. Is the mobo really DOA?

Specs are:
Z390 Aorus Pro Wi-Fi
Cryorig m9i
Club3D CSP-D850CB
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