Computer screen turning black, freezing, and making a buzz noise when playing computer games.

Jul 5, 2018
My specs:

So, I've had this computer for about two years. After my brother built it, about a month later, it would freeze, but with the game screen still on the monitor. It wouldn't freeze often, so I didn't think much of it.
Anyway it got worse, so I thought it might be a heat-related issue. Bought a new (the same model) cooling system and installed it. No change. Gave up on it after trying to update drivers and whatnot to fix it and didn't use it for a few months. Then I brought it to Geek Squad to get it fixed. They did some digging around and updated it to Windows 10. It worked a little better, but it still froze every once in awhile. Same type of freezing.

I waited a week or two, and I brought it back in to get it fixed. They did a deeper diagnostic on it, and if I remember correctly it had some corruption in Windows and they adjusted the hardware inside for a better current flow, it worked much better. But it still froze. Now it also freezes more often with a black screen and a buzz noise randomly during gaming sessions on League of Legends and Fortnite instead of freezing with a game displayed. However, it also seems to freeze more often in Fortnite than League.

Finally, I brought it back in last week to Geek Squad. They said there was someWindows corruption, but that was the only issue they could find. Every time they couldn't get it to freeze when it was stress tested. Temperature was fine. Everything should be compatible. Any suggestions? (I was reading that it might be a graphics card and power supply problem?)

Tldr: Computer screen used to freeze with game on it. Now it turns black and makes a buzzing noise during gaming sessions mainly. Tower has been to Geek Squad three times. They can't replicate the freezing during stress tests and whatnot. Computer's temperature is said to be fine as well.



Is anything overclocked? If it is, set it all to stock speeds. Most likely thing is failing video card or power supply. Best way to test it, try your video card in another system, try another card with about the same power draw in yours. It may be overheating, did you test it or did they? Make sure motherboard has the latest BIOS, test RAM one stick at a time. Does not sound like a Windows issue not sure why they spent time on that.