Computer shut down automatically and power light is blinking and cpu fan stopped


May 9, 2009

he said that the cpu fan is stopped.. its risky for him to reboot..

i suggest you to take out the heatsink and check for any damages to the processor.. like pins bent coz even if one pin is bent, it wont display.. but i feel that your heatsink might have failed.. changing your heatsink will do the job.. :)

if you are not good at hardware.. check youtube to see videos oh how to remove and replace the heatsink etc. else, revert back here, i will help you, else,

i suggest you to take it to a service center.. :)


Nov 9, 2009

Are you high? Seriously I wouldn't take that advise with even a small grain of salt. The CPU fan stopped because the computer is off, he stated it shut off after 2-3 hours nothing about a bent pin. If there was a bent pin the computer wouldn't even turn on let alone boot an OS. My suggestion is this:
Step 1) Open the computer up and blow all the dust out with a can of compressed air
Step 2) Monitor CPU/GPU temps with a program called Speedfan found here:
Step 3) Post back if your temps are higher than 70 degrees Celsius.
How old is this system? I have seen this behavior from a PC with bad capacitors on the mobo. Google "bad capacitors" for some good images.
Otherwise, post your system specs, including the brand and model (not just wattage) of your PSU.

Ummm...feeling a little silly here...any chance the PC went into hibernation? Were you busy using it when this happened, or had it been sitting there idle?