Question Computer Shutted Down and Left Pluggef in Overnight with Power. PC starts turning on and off itself.

Nov 21, 2021
So this is something I just want to know. Basically I had this setup of four years broke off overnight last Friday. I was literally using it the night before, now I shutted it down no problems, but what I usually do is I'm lazy to turn off the avr before going to sleep, which means there's still that light inside the system unit saying that it still has power.

Come morning, I woke up, pressed the power button, and boom. It keeps turning on and off.

Now I had the pc replaced with a new one, a new mobo and processor and the pc builders at the shop mentioned that my previous processor actually got fried or got bended pins when they checked it. Initially I thought I only had to replace the power supply for that unit. But apparently, it was only my CPU (i7-8700) that was broken?

Is it possible that its just because of that? Was my old pc getting grounded and literally also getting burned since I placed it under the desk directly at the floor? And I know, kinda of a stupid correlation but, does my room temperature there being at 17 degrees celcius also affects my pc hardware? Too cold?

Everything just went sideways overnight and I only had the habit of not turning off my avr for less than a week now.

Appreciate the help and clarification!