Question Computer sometimes has trouble booting

Oct 22, 2020
The computer itself will turn mon. my RGB lights ns tuff go off fans are turning can hear that the system is working. but sometimes when i turn off the computer it has trouble connecting back to the monitor and giving power to my keyboard/mouse/wireless headset adapter. I know that the headset adapter isnt getting power either because it has a little light to let me know. Its odd to me because something like this I would think would be something thats "there until fixed" meaning it wont go away and pop back up. but with me it seems that never on like the first 5 boots it wants to give power and signal to the monitor but after around 10 times of turning the computer on and off it decides to give power to everything. Note that there isn't a set number on when it finally gives power and signal but its usually after 5 times atleast. my PC is a pre-build by ibuypower and i still have my warranty if anyone thinks its a defective part.