Question Computer upgrade recommendations

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Ok bud. Whatever. You contact Adobe then. Seems they require you to have an account that lists the product you want support with in order to ask any questions about anything to their support people. Not going through all that just to find and answer I already know. I will however contact Puget systems, who do more testing of Adobe applications than just about anybody else I know of, and see what they have to say.


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The NVidia profile for Premiere is "Single GPU only". So even if you have a pair of Nvidia graphics cards in SLI, Premiere will only use one of them when it's running.

If you want Premiere to use both GPUs, you'll have to go into the NVidia control panel and manually disable SLI system-wide before running the app.
Resolve also does not support SLI.

Resolve does not use SLI.

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SLI has been around since 1998. If ANY of these graphics companies were going to support it, they'd have done it a LOOOOONG time ago. I think we can put this to rest now.
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