Question Computer wont boot to OS or usb media creation tool

Oct 30, 2022
my computer rebooted sometime the other night and when i woke up in the morning it was stuck at the motherboard splash screen. memtest86 will boot and ive done a 4 pass test completed with no errors. it wont boot to os or media creation tool and the couple times i has randomly, it will freeze like 2 mins of running. i bought a new motherboard and ssd but im still getting the issue where it wont boot past the mobo splash screen. it passes through all checks the lights on the mobo none stay on. the original ssd i can put into my laptop and will boot up no problem, i did some disk checks and that didnt fix anything. when i try to put an ssd with a different computer os into the computer it will get stuck like the others. i will try swapping my ram out but if it doesnt work at this point it has to be my processor? is there any way to test it or am i missing something?