Question Computer works with other memory but dn’t work with my new one

May 21, 2019
Hi. I recently purchased a Corsair vengeance pro 3000mhz to pair with my newly bought msi b450m gaming motherboard but when i put on the corsair ram, pc doesn’t show any displays or feedback from the monitor keyboard mouse etc, but when i use my previous ram (delta tfroce 2666mhz) it works btw my MOBO only has 2 slots so i don’t think reseating is the prob. Any fix or concerns about this, or is this about a bios uodate? Thank you!


If you are using a single module, make sure it is installed in the A1(DDR4_1) slot.

Since you've replaced the memory, once it is in the correct slot, try resetting the CMOS as follows. Also, make sure it IS seated all the way and is installed correctly with the notch in the offset middle in the right place.

Power off the unit, switch the PSU off and unplug the PSU cord from either the wall or the power supply.

Remove the motherboard CMOS battery for five minutes. During that five minutes, press the power button on the case for 30 seconds. After the five minutes is up, reinstall the CMOS battery making sure to insert it with the correct side up just as it came out.

Now, plug the power supply cable back in, switch the PSU back on and power up the system. It should display the POST screen and the options to enter CMOS/BIOS setup. Enter the bios setup program and reconfigure the boot settings for either the Windows boot manager or for legacy systems, the drive your OS is installed on if necessary.

Save settings and exit. If the system will POST and boot then you can move forward from there including going back into the bios and configuring any other custom settings you may need to configure such as Memory XMP profile settings, custom fan profile settings or other specific settings you may have previously had configured that were wiped out by resetting the CMOS.