I have a problem:
Recently I got myself a new graphicscard, a Asus v7700 pure..
I installed it, and everything seemed to work..
But, I can't play much more than just a few seconds of sound before it stops...and I have to restart to hear any sound again..

My graphicscard is conflicting with my Diamond Monster Sound mx300 pci soundcard...I have tried Win2kpro, Nt5.0, Win98, WinME..and the beta release of WinXP..Nothing works..
But under 98, I can at least try and change the ressources used...and I have gotten closer to the nature of the problem
They INSIST!!! on using the same IRQ..
If i force it to use ex. IRQ 7 or 11 for pci slot 1..
(eg. my soundcard)
My graphics card changes its IRQ with it?..
(My soundcard is PCI, and my v7700 is AGP)

Don't tell me to "Put my soundcard in another pci slot"
"Remove it, reinstall, and plug it in again after install"..
I have tried EVERYTHING!
And this IS! the problem..
If I force my soundcard or my v7700 to use another irq under windows, It won't boot...or it crashes..

Any ideas?


Dec 31, 2007
yes, go to device manager click on computer

switch that to standard computer reboot

reinstall most of ur drives as it askes for it

and u will be ok