[SOLVED] confused, angry!! Ddr4 3200mhz problem


Oct 18, 2016
Hello and thanks for checking my question,

I have just purchased a set of Corsair vengeance ddr416gb RGB pro to upgrade my pc the lights on them work also.

My build is Asus Rog strix b450-f
Amd ryzen 7 2700x
Nvidia 1060 3gb
Corsair 650w PSU
And now trying to install these ram sticks

When I use them they boot in 2133mhz and work perfectly fine, I've gone into bios and into the ai tweaker and enabled the option for the sticks to be used in 3200mhz, it automatically is there using the d.o.c.p option (I believe it's called), the timings are correct with the ones I've seen and researched online,

The issue I'm having is when setting it to 3200mhz the computer doesn't boot 3 times while having one medium/long beep and 2 short ones 3 times and then resets the bios itself due to failure of boot.

I updated the bios to 3103 after installing thinking it was that but to no avail,

I have reset the CMOS battery twice, I've powered off the mobo and then reset, I will say I have them in dimm slots A1 and B1. I didn't try them in the other slots as I just assumed they were working fine.

Just stating when I leave them on 2133mhz the computer boots into windows perfectly fine and runs with 16gb in performance on task manager, also on cpuid, the components all work fine, the film's just not at the right speeds. I have taken pictures of the settings and cpuid / computer properties if needed.

I appreciate all of the help I receive,

I forgot to mention I had 2 sticks of 4gb hyper X ram in there before at 2133mhz and only updating due to slowing down while playing games :(

Heres me thinking I know how to build pc's guess not!

thanks again