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  1. IamNotChatGpt

    Question Why do higher tier 3060 Tis not have GDDR6X? (Strix etc.)

    Comparing 3060 Tis, I noticed that the best models aka ones where the manufacturer didn't cheap out on heatsink and fans like asus strix, msi gaming x etc , don't have GDDR6X, but rather GDDR6. Why is that? They already cost substantially more than the "normal" variants (instead of Strix 435€...
  2. U

    Question Two sets of 2 x 32gb ram instead of 128gb kit

    Hello, I tried searching but couldn't really get a clear answer. Unfortunately store is all sold out of the 128gb kits and my friend's bday is in a couple days. Can I use 2 sets of a 2 x 32gb kit if the CL stuff on the label match? Or should it be same brand as well (because there's only 1 in...
  3. N

    Question Press power button - power button and ram rgb lights up but no boot. Power off by holding power button and next boot is successful.

    Hey everyone, So I built my new PC a couple weeks ago and I've had this issue happen twice; I press the power button on the case and it lights up and my RAM RGB lights up, but I get nothing else, no power supply click or any other RGB lights. Then I power it off by holding case power button...
  4. S

    Question Long Boot Time with ASUS TUF Z790-PLUS WiFi motherboard ?

    I recently put together a system with the following components: Motherboard: ASUS TUF Gaming Z790-PLUS WiFi CPU: Intel I9-13900K GPU: Nvidia Quadro P4000 Memory: Kingston DDR5 KF552C40BBK2-64 (2x32) -- meets ASUS compatibility System is on a Crucial 1 TB M.2 SSD (in slot 2) with a 2TB Crucial...
  5. EmberBlood

    Question Buying RAM from two different brands but with same capacity, frequency and timing(variable).

    I have a Apacer Panther DDR4 8gb 2400mhz ram stick on my H110-S2PH mobo. It's timing is 16-16-16-36(while on XMP2.0....The sticker on the ram also says it's 16-16-16-36) otherwise on default, it was on 17-17-17-39(xmp off). It's stock out right now and I have a budget. So I'll probably have...
  6. ihatepc

    Question XMP Profile 2 grayed out

    Hello everyone, i owned corsair vengence 2x8gb 3200mhz cl 16 ramsticks, runnin xmp profile 1 at 3200 mhz getting dram freq. 1600 mhz. Now I bought 2 more exactly same ramsticks and add to my pc, im using MSI MPG z490 gaming edge wifi, which supports xmp profile 2 and my ramsticks. BUT , the...
  7. stoqn.petrov

    Question ASUS ROG Maximus IX Code - Memory (RAM)

    Hello people, can someone help me picking memory for a CPU i7 6700K with ASUS ROG Maximus IX Code z270 motherboard. [ btw I currently have Kingston HyperX Fury 16GB (2 x 8GB), DDR4, 2133MHz, Non-ECC, CL14 ] Thanks.
  8. K

    [SOLVED] Should i enable XMP?

    Hello, wanted to ask if i should enable XMP. Just bought DDR4, 32GB, 3200MHz, CL16, Kit of 2 It's running at 2133MHz in task manager Specs: GIGABYTE H410M-H V3 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-10400F CPU @ 2.90GHz Here is CPU-Z screenshots if these help to answer.
  9. V

    Question New ram2x32gb @4000mhz wont boot at right speeds

    I just bought more ram and I'm only running the 2 new sticks but my systems boots to safe mode when I raise the speed above 2666mhz. CPU 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-12600KF Motherboard ASUS Prime Z690-P WiFi D4 New ram G.SKILL Trident Z Neo Series 64GB (2 x 32GB) 288-Pin PC RAM DDR4 4000 Any...
  10. X

    Question Running out of memory all of the sudden

    Since the past weeks my pc is been constantly having memory issues when it didn't had them before. A month ago I could have over 100 tabs in Chrome open, watching videos or a streaming in the background, with Discord open in a call while playing resource heavy games without a single memory...
  11. RedShadowXD

    Question Half of my RAM is hardware reserved (8,1GB)

    Specs: Windows 10 Home 64-bit 22H2 AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Micro-Star International Co. Ltd. B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC (MS-7B85) (AM4) 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 (Gigabyte) Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro (8 x 2GB, C16) CMW16GX4MXC3200C16 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---...
  12. StolenPotato

    Question Computer very slow, especially on desktop. But fine in games?

    As you can see, my desktop is very slow. The PC sometimes feels slower than it should be in some programs, but usually it works fine and I can play games just fine. My specs are: Ryzen 5 5600x 3070Ti ASUS ROG STRIX b550-E wifi Corsair 2x8 3600mhz (ram is working at full speed I checked) Samsung...
  13. 2sa

    Question Viper Gaming 64GB DDR4 2x32GB PC4-28800 3600MHz doesn't run on proper MHz

    Hello, my ram from you just arrived today. After I build it into my PC I noticed that my PC wasn't able to boot properly after raising the MHz in the Bios. I have been testing for the last 3 hours and the current results are that if I try to use 3600Mhz my PC gets stuck in bios. If i try...
  14. rounakr94

    Question ASRock X570 - - -the DRAM Debug LED shows a faint glow, is the LED dying ?

    Just noticed today that the DRAM Debug LED is glowing faintly, and by faintly I mean that its not the full brightness glow which happens when PC is at POST phase. Is this a dying LED or is something else wrong here? All my memory sticks are detected with proper XMP and dual channel and PC is...
  15. SpectrumAudio

    Question Memory and Upgrade Help.

    Hello everyone I have a quick question. I am looking to upgrade my current Pc - Here are the specs - Device name DESKTOP Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4150 CPU @ 3.50GHz 3.50 GHz Installed RAM 8.00 GB System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Pen and touch No...
  16. MinaAdel

    Question Please help! Which is the correct memory configuration for my Ryzen 5 3400g?

    i just bought hp elitedesk 705 g5 with Ryzen 5 3400g and i read much about ram and the importance of dual channel for the APUs but still confused which is the best of these two options , 2133mhz with 15 clock latency or 2666 with 19 clock latency ? and another question , i planning to have...
  17. Starninja49

    Question High memory uses when idle tried downgrading windows didnt help

    Hello guys recently i have seen high memory usage on my pc . My memory usage was above 50-60 percent when nothing was opened . I've tried to downgrade my windows didn't help , updating drivers didn't help . I could not update bios because when i went to download the bios and install it it says...
  18. Inver_ShaRingan

    Question Kingston Fury Beast RGB

    So I bought 4stick of 8Gb rams (32gb in all) 3600MT/s cl17 21 21. Paired with i9 10900k and z490 Gaming Plus. They probably Microns, can't tell for sure as Taiphoon doesn't work in win11, but voltage for any heavier OC with Memory Try It, is 1.5V. I read that Microns doing that voltage with OC...
  19. peejaygee

    Question Before RMA'ing a ASUS Prime B450M-A II AM4 I'd like to ask for some advice before wasting time.

    Hey there, I bought a ASUS Prime B450M-A II AM4 Micro-ATX Motherboard ASPB450MA2 in January 2023 (it is registered on their site and has a warranty) along with Patriot Viper Elite II DDR4 32GB * 4. [and other parts listed below] I started having issues with a linux install. Getting Kernal...
  20. malicsheraz

    Question Mixing 3000mhz c15 RAM with 3200mhz c16 RAM ?

    Hello follow members I have 2 corsair vengeance led ddr4 sticks of 8gb each.. c15 3000mhz CMU16GX4m2C3000C15R 15-17-17-35 i want to pair those 2 with 2 more corsair vengeance led ddr4 ... but their details are " CMU16GX4m2c3200c16R 16-18-18-36. will they work fine... or is it a bad...
  21. mirons

    Question Instant BSOD when trying to install Windows 10 from USB flash drive ?

    So, I am writing this because I have reached an impasse on options and I need new perspectives. I have a PC I have been using for years, and a month ago or so I had some hardware issue so I send it to the repair guy and after some upgrades (CPU just died) managed to fix it proper. Changed the...
  22. DarKS4ys

    Question High Memory Usage

    Hello, My laptop is suffering a problem of high memory usage. It really makes the computer unusable and annoying so i need a fix. I've done a malware scan using Malwarebytes but it didnt help. Computer uses %90 RAM almost every time. Computer Specs: I5 7200U NVIDIA 940MX 12 GB RAM 480 GB SSD...
  23. maxboygamer96

    Question Ram Latency Confusion

    I have checked my ram latency on CPU-Z and i have gotten something like this: "JEDEC 8,9,10,11" "Frequency: 1066 on all JEDEC" Now my main question is What is my latency?? it shows "16.0,17.0,18.0,19.0" while ras to cas is all 15 my ram is crucial 4gbx2 2133MHZ DDR4, part number: CT4G4DFS8213.C8FDD2
  24. A

    Question Can't OC RAM

    Changed cpu from ryzen 3 2300x to ryzen 5 1600 af today and can't get ram on any speed other than default. worked perfectly on 3200mhz until I changed cpu, tried manually, tried with xmp but if I change anything it won't boot, it only boots when it resets settings.
  25. D

    Question If I provided someone sys specs, is there someone willing to tell me what to change?

    I have 6400 ram and a board that can reach that speed but can't get any more than 3600 at default. XMP doesn't work and anytime I change something manually I get the same result. Can't post with the ram light and I forget the debug code. [redacted] Pls and Thx Motherboard Model Name: X670E...
  26. rigger922

    [SOLVED] RAM compatibility question

    Hello everyone, I''m currently in the process of changing out some older parts in my system to bring them up to date, one of these being my RAM. However the RAM i wish to buy im having trouble determining wheather its compatible with my MB i have done somew reaserach on this from MSI's and...
  27. henterpriser

    [SOLVED] vmmemCmZygote process...

    Hello everyone So I was just wondering around and realized windows is using 7/16gb of ram when idle! As a pretty routine user the first thing that I've done was to check task manager.... NOTHING, the numbers weren't adding up. Here "resource monitor" came in action and showed me a process I've...
  28. nabil_rizal_

    Question RAM speed does not match RAM specifications

    When I bought this laptop (Lenovo Ideapad 320) it was equipped with built-in RAM with a speed of 2133MHz, after running for several years my RAM speed had dropped to 1066MHz and to be honest the decrease was really felt in the performance section. Then I finally decided to replace it with new...
  29. P

    Question Best configuring BIOS settings ASUS PRIME B550-PLUS

    Hy guys! I would like your help, because for some reason the game is not smooth(CSGO,CS1.6, and whatever fps) and I have a G-sync 240hz monitor, and I think something needs to be set in the bios, but I don't know, Windows was installed today. I attached the rest below. Thank you for the help...
  30. R

    Question How do i upgrade my 32GB RAM to 64GB at a later time ?

    Money constraints. That is why i just opted for a 32gb in the meantime so i can start on working. I do After Effects (video renders & editing, motion graphics, animation), Photoshop, graphic designs, some 3d modeling & sculpting. Recommended to me was to get a 64gb RAM for the creative work...
  31. A

    Question Having issue with WIN 7 identfying Ram modules

    Hi!. Have purchased 2 new DDR 3 ram (8GB) modules. earlier i had 1no 8Gb module installed already. now as I insert the 2 new ram modules my WIN 7 is not identifying the older module. Whereas Cpu-Z is identifying all the ram sticks. Validation link to CPU-Z for my current system...
  32. jnjnilson6

    Discussion Memory Through Time

    What do you think about system memory through the years? Lightly piquing and definitely worthwhile for a system in tune with the times, meaningful to the point of major cardinality in the past days of hardware and furthermore stretching too ahead and being ever an intriguing and effectually...
  33. audi9111

    Question Does this kind of memory exist yet? 7000+ MT/S 128GB total?

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to build a PC and it seems to be impossible to find any kit of 32GB sticks above 5600MT/S I'm looking to get 7000MT/S or higher but I cannot seem to find any company that does this. The motherboard I have has 4 slots (It's an Asus Z790), it can take 128GB max but there...
  34. P

    Question Not sure if this should be in MB, cpu or memory forum

    I have a old MSI Xpower gaming AC X299 board (socket 2066) with a 7800x in it. It has 4 8gb sticks in quad channel in the correct slots. Recently I went and gave it a good cleaning and replaced the water cooler and all of a sudden the CPU wont access any dimms in A1-D1 (in fact c1 causes...
  35. B

    Question Looking to purchase a new laptop computer that is upgradeable

    I am presently looking to purchase a new laptop computer to replace an Asus Vivobook 15 model F510EA/X510EA purchased back in 2018 that I believe featured an Intel i5 4-core processor, an HDD storage drive that I eventually upgraded to a 512 GB SATA SSD, and 8 GB RAM that I had also upgraded to...
  36. B

    Question Memory speed

    My Kingston Fury Beast RGB 5600, 32g (2x16), is posting as 4000 in bios, but showing correctly at 5600 in task manager. I have an Intel I-9 13900kf processor, Asus Z-790 Prime motherboard, and RTX 4080. Is this normal? If not, how can I fix it? Thanks for your input.
  37. U

    Question Does XMP allow to run higher RAM frequency than CPU officially supports?

    Hi all I have been trying to research this topic for some days now but I feel like the information I get is very conflicting. I am looking at some DDR5 5600 MHz RAM for a motherboard that supports up to 5600 and higher. However, the CPU (i5 13400) according to Intels page only supports up to...
  38. C

    Question 8+8 GB RAM or 8+16GB RAM?

    I have MSI GF63 Thin RTX 3050. Its RAM can be upgraded to 64GB max. One of the ram slots is occupied by 8GB RAM and the other slot is empty. I am planning to upgrade my RAM but i am confused whether i should add another 8GB ram or 16GB RAM. What should i do?
  39. T

    Question Do I need new ram sticks?

    Hi, recently have been having some issues with PC and run into a few blue screens regarding memory issues. I ran windows memory diagnostics tool and said I had some memory issues. From there I started running memtest86 and am getting errors. Would anyone be able to help me know what this errors...
  40. J

    Question Help with "Kernel 41" error ?

    I have been experiencing random Kernel 41 category (63) reboots ever since I upgraded from a powercolor radeon 6700 xt to a Reference Radeon 6950 xt. When I upgraded I also bought 2x8 sticks of ram. This has been going on for the past two weeks. The error only happens when I'm gaming during...