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  1. G

    Question memory usage way too high and doesn't add up

    Recently, I've noticed my memory usage is way too high in Task Manager and doesn't nearly add up with all the programs listed. My usage is at 6GB/16GB with nothing more than Discord, Opera, and Spotify open. I've gone ahead and started researching the problem, but no fixes have worked. This...
  2. J

    Question I have 16gb ram installed but only 7.95 usable???

    My bios recognises the 16000mb and i have unticked max memory but windows still isnt seeing it all CPU-Z is also seeing 16gb
  3. Glenn Webster

    Question Choosing RAM

    Good day, all. Simple choice. Will I see any difference in performance between Kingston HyperX Fury Black DDR4 3200MHz 64GB (HX432C16FB3K4/64) and G.Skill Trident Z Neo DDR4 3200MHz 4x16GB (F4-3200C16Q-64GTZN) Using this on a ROG Hero XI for eveonline and Photoshop...
  4. S

    Question Is it Safe to Upgrade to a Kit with Different CAS Latency and Timings?

    I've found 2 16GB G.Skill kits that I'm interested in. Both have different CAS Latencies and Timings. The manual for my system from the Dell support site doesn't say anything about requiring a specific CL or Timing. All it says is: Connector: Two SODIMM slots Type: DDR3L Speed 1600 MHz...
  5. F

    Question Half the RAM slots on my motherboard keep breaking, then sometime later they start to work again, just to break again after a few hours of load.

    The RAM I bought and am using: The RAM I probably should've gotten: My PC's...
  6. AtikHabib

    Question After enable xmp profile for 3200MHz my pc won't boot

    Cpu: amd ryzen 5 2600 Ram: Trident Z rgb 3200MHz Gpu: r7 360 amd Motherboard: b450m mortar max I tried manual oc using dram calculator Xmp profile enabling method Update bios to the latest one After every try to get 3200mhz speed my pc won't boot so i have to reset my bios then again try and...
  7. S

    Question Memory Cached

    I look into task manager and see memory cached is 9.7 GB. Is this bad and is there a way to get rid of it? Can this be a reason for my fps drops and stutters?
  8. Tapogam

    Question Need to upgrade ram but can't find same brand ram. What to do? HELP!

    Hello everyone, I want to upgrade my single channel ram setup to dual-channel from ram capacity from 8GB to 16GB but I am unable to find the same brand ram in the market. They're showing out of stock since this Covid-19 affected us. Currently, I am using this ram in my PC (Corsair vengeance...
  9. sony400

    [SOLVED] DOCP doesn't work.How to set manually?

    Hello! So i got a this new build,everything is perfect except one thing. The problem is that the DOCP for the memories doesn't work and when i set it to 3200 auto ,the system restarts and i got no boot,the only option is to revert changes. I would leave it at 2133mhz but i realized that the...
  10. DarqFX

    Question Is this a memory issue or something else?

    So i'm a beginner at working with 3D art, just creating renders and stuff. I noticed when i have a somewhat complex scene going on in the program (c4d+octane) and I try navigating through file explorer, my computer completely freezes. Like i can use the pogram fine, and I can navigate files...
  11. Makzion

    Question Getting System Crashes after upgrading ram

    Hi I wanted to Upgrade My Ram From 8gb to 16 gb so i bought new ram with same speed and memory my old ram is Hyper X Fury 2400mhz 8gb and I bought Corsair Vengeance 2400mhz 8gb but when I Installed both rams at first I Got Black Screen and Just light in my keyboard but no visuals on monitor not...
  12. Ghertz

    Question [problem] no image, no boot and 1 bip long and after that 2 shorts

    Hello :) So I just bought a upgrade kit for my computer In this one there was one mother board : Asus tuf b450-plus gaming One cpu : amd ryzen 7 3700x 2 ram : 8gb each I have already a power supply (vs450 Corsair ) SSD, hdd , an a graphic card (GTX 1060 6gb) So I just changed the...
  13. H

    [SOLVED] 2vs4 ddr4 sticks on tomahawk max + r5 3600?

    I've got to decide between getting either 2 or 4 sticks of ddr4. I currently have 4x8gb Corsair vengeance Pro RGB 3600mhzCl18. The problem is two sticks are nanya a die and two are Samsung c die. I believe this is causing issues. I haven't been able to run the ram at anywhere above 2133 without...
  14. N

    Question PC won't register any inputs after I changed my RAM

    So I bought some new ram to get it up from 8gb to 16gb and now my PC doesn't seem to register any inputs or anything. I get the light on the pc itself and the fans are working so it seems the inputs are not getting anything. Changing back to the old ram did nothing either. For info I have...
  15. F

    [SOLVED] New memory kit not running in dual channel?

    Hello there, So, I previously had a 2x8gb set with my gigabyte z170m-d3h motherboard running fine in Dual Channel. I recently decided to buy another 2x8gb set, also from Corsair, exact same model and speed down to the Part Number. From my understanding, this new set should also work in dual...
  16. B

    Question Docp crashes my computer

    I just recently bought 32GB of 3200 DDR4 (Gskill Ripjaws V) to go with my Ryzen 7 3800x and Asus pro ws x570 ace mobo. I noticed that I was only getting about 2199 MHz instead of the advertised 3200MHz. I did some research and found out I needed to enable the Docp. Upon enabling it my computer...
  17. chandlerlarochelle

    Question Is my computer running as well as it should be?

    Over the past couple of months I've felt like my computer has been running a lot worse than it used to, I cant stream and play anymore when that used to not be a problem. I feel like my cpu usage and memory usage is a lot higher than it was before and I haven't made any hardware changes and I...
  18. FoofBall

    Question Having A Problem

    I recently bought new ram sticks...corsair vengeance rgb pro 32gb 3200 MHz. When i first booted up with the ram I was surprised to find that it was only running at 1067 mhz. I've tried to do both xmp profiles on my mother board. But when ever i do it if i am on xmp 1 it will blue screen after a...
  19. V

    [SOLVED] Very, very technical issue, I'm not expecting anybody to have an answer!

    Hello guys I've 4 identical systems: Motherboard X570M PRO4 Asrock GPU RTX 2060 Super founder edition (I've 2 install on this build will explain why in a sec) CPU Ryzen 7 3700X M.2 NVME SN750 1TB and the only things that changes in the 4 system is the RAM: -1st & 2nd system have 32GB (2 x 16gb)...
  20. T

    Question Ram Upgrade Question

    Hello everyone, new here first post. I have a question for a possible ram upgrade on my pc. I do a lot with VMs so trust me, I need the upgrade. (though it is also my gaming PC) MB: Gigabyte Aorus Z270X Gaming K5 v1.0 CPU: i7 7700k @4.5Ghz GPU: NVIDIA 1070 8gb SSD Samsung 850 Evo 500GB + HDD...