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  1. G

    Question Why am I getting BSOD after adding more RAM?

    Hi everyone. So I was loading up a game before the new RAM was installed and it was running a little choppy. I went to see if I could even run the game because I had built this PC back in 2016 without replacing any of the parts. The website had suggested 16GB and said I didn't meet that spec. I...
  2. J

    Question LGA 1200 - ADATA Memory Compatibility - (Not on QVL)

    Hi all, Anyone out there with more insight than myself, how can I check if the below memory kit is supported on any of these ASRock LGA 1200 motherboards? This kit isn't present on any motherboard QVL's, & there doesn't appear to be a QVL for it on the ADATA website. How likely is it this will...
  3. C

    Question PC wont boot with XMP profile.

    So, I'm using this board : MSI Z590-A Pro , pairing it with this memory dual channel kit : Memory Model F4-3600C18D-16GVK When I enabled the XMP, the system wont boot, It would only boot at default 2133mhz. I don't know what to do. Please advise. Thanks.
  4. J

    Question Can't get memory speed over 2400mhz?

    Hey, I recently upgraded my CPU from i7-6700 to i7-7700K and now when I switch memory speed from BIOS with XMP to 3200, my pc won't start. It only lets me go up to 2400, and after that it won't start again. I've tried with different voltages as well but with no results. Also after this upgrade...
  5. X

    Question Ram instability, Help!

    so 2-3 months ago I upgraded my pc and got a B550 aorus elite v2 with an r7 5800x and G.SKILL Ripjaws V 16gb DDR4 3600 (PC4 28800), and ive discovered that putting the ram in slots 1-3 and 2-3 causes system reboot on startup and after 2-3 times it boots but without the XMP profile, I'm...
  6. Akalanka Umayanga

    [SOLVED] Games keep crashing when XMP Profile is Activated

    Hi, I have a Ryzen 5 3500x CPU running on stock speeds. And i have applied the XMP profile for my RAM ( Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 2x8 3600Mhz). When the XMP profile is active the games keeps crashing within 5-10min of playtime. When i set the ram to default speed the games work fine. is this...
  7. Lucas Swordsen

    Question RAM is faulty, but pc works fine when not under load?

    So I built a new pc (specs will be down below) and it seemed to be working just fine. However when under load (gaming) I would either get a black screen and the pc would become unresponsive OR I would get a blue screen which said something about a service system error and a kernel error. Tried...
  8. A

    Question How do these memory tests work?

    So I was wondering what do these tests actually do and what are the differences. Which one is the slowest and why and which one is the fastest? MATS+ Stride38 WSCHKR WStride-6 CHCKR4 WCHCKR3 ERAND Stride6 CHCKR8
  9. caryyyy

    Question PC keeps restarting after upgrading ram

    hi my pc keeps restarting after i upgraded it to 32gb. I already tried taking out the cmos battery, testing it out without the graphic cards, reset/update the bios to default. pcpartpicker said that the ram is compatible with my pc.. anyone can help me? motherboard: h370 hd3 i5 8400 old ram...
  10. J

    Question How does gpu memory bus width work?

    Hi all, I have a few hd 5450s, and I was testing the performance of each one with a different vram size, Firstly, The 512mb card has two 256mb chips, 64 bit (10.8gb/s bandwidth gpuz) The 256mb card has one 256mb chip, 32 bit (5.4gb/s bandwidth gpuz) They both run at the same memory speed...
  11. F

    Question 2 DDR3 8GB rated 1600MHz running low at 800MHz and Dual-Channel isn’t working now

    Hello! So I recently purchased two DDR3 8gb rated at 1600MHz each, I put them both in but my computer is only reading them at 800MHz. It says I have the memory capacity of 16GB, but it’s running low at 800MHz instead of 1600MHz. I’d understand it being 800MHz if I was running 2x4gb at 800MHz a...
  12. S

    Question Please help!!! 3600MHz memory stuck at 3000Mhz with XMP enabled ?

    I just bought a brand new computer, prebuilt from cyberpower PC....everything is fine except the memory is stuck at 3000Mhz for some reason....anybody can help me with this ? Also, how do I upload photos so I can show you what I am talking about?
  13. [SOLVED] memtest86 errors, what do they mean?

    Greetings, lately I have been getting bluescreens with "whea uncorrectable error", so after searching on internet to see what causing the issue, i ran memtest86 today and got this result: Clearly there are some issues with memory but it showing i have errors in CPU too. Does this mean i...
  14. DragonGunner

    Question Low Memory and Pagefile error out of the blue ?

    So I just had a terrifying moment when Windows started stuttering and Chrome started to hang, Pop up Ctrl+SHIFT+ESC and instead of being greeted by the ordinary set of tabs, I'm only shown a "LOW MEMORY" banner and a handful of processes, with only their RAM consumption shown (44% in use). By...
  15. dheeraj9933

    Question Can I put this 8GB RAM in my setup?(Which has 8Gigs already)

    I want to get Dual channel RAM in my system. My CPU-Z memory Screen shot The RAM I want to put They are both 8GB HyperX and CL 15 is there anything i need to look...
  16. P

    Question 4 sticks with only dual channel support.....

    hello guys, just bought another two sticks of ddr3 of ram to upgrade my rig hoping to run quad channel only to find out my asus m5a99fx pro r2.0 only support dual channel. is the performance gonna suffer a huge drop ? how things will work out 2 sticks dual channel and two single channel ? or...
  17. cyberfyber

    Question Impossible Ram Installation on Motherboard with Tabs on only one end of Slots

    Is this now becoming a thing? That is, memory slots with an moveable tab on only one end? Completed my very first build today using the MSI B550 Tomahawk. Spent 20 minutes trying to get a couple modules in. An insane experience when only one end opens up. I still have no idea how I managed to...
  18. Viktor4645544

    Question Can I improve my laptop performance with adding +4GB RAM and having dual channel?

    My laptop is low spec: intel i3 5005u, intel hd 5500, 4GB DDR3L RAM. So I recently found out that I have 1 more slot for memory. If add +4GB and with dual channel can I get slightly better performance? For example my League of Legends runs on 45-55 fps, can I get then 60fps with the dual channel?
  19. X

    Question Can I upgrade to 16GB Ram?

    System Model: HP Laptop 15-da0036nr CPU: Intel Pentium N5000 Motherboard/Mainboard: HP, 84AA, PCI-Express 2.0 Memory: Installed RAM 4.00 GB (DDR 4, 2400 MHz) I'm looking to see what is the max memory I can upgrade to, I checked command prompt with the memphysical get maxcapacity, memory...
  20. Solid_Snake3

    Question Random Memory Management BSODs often accompanied with boot loops until RAM is reseated

    So the title pretty much says all of it. I've gotten random BSODs since the day I built this PC 7 years ago, although the code has changed over time. The most frustrating one is the one I'm consistently getting today, especially because I'm in college now. It's a Memory Management BSOD, and the...