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  1. B

    Question I am trying to use memtest86

    Hello i am trying to boot up from the usb which has my memtest86 but i am unable to do so. The motherboard i am using is an ASrock h81m-HDS the bios mode is in legacy and the bios version/date is American Megatrends INC p1.90 2014-07-2
  2. Z

    Question I want to upgrade my memory

    I want to upgrade my memory to 32gb ram but I don't know if I can, currently I have 2 sticks of HyperX Fury Black 8GB DDR4 2400MHz CL15 1.2v but I can't find another set anywhere. So here is my question, Is there a problem if I add CL16 ram since that's all I can find in stock.
  3. illhum

    Question Should i use 1, 2, or 3 ram sticks?

    I currently have 8GB of RAM installed, and i recently unplugged 2 rams from my old PCs, 1 RAM being 4GB, and the other being 2GB. should i plug them both? or just plug the 4GB one? or should i not plug them both? in order to increase my PC gaming performance. i use DDR3 RAM btw.
  4. whitesimian

    [SOLVED] Why is my Windows using 85% of RAM (40 GB)?

    I only have a browser opened and a few app like Steam and (browser is using 922MB RAM). The task manager says it's using 40GB of RAM! I have 48GB of RAM total. It had 16GB RAM before, it was working fine, and now that I upgraded it, it's using 85%...
  5. Y

    Question Bought new ram, won't boot when installed

    Decided to upgrade to 32gb memory. Already had one stick of 8gb DDR4 lying around (Corsair CMK8GX4M1A2400C16). Went on to Amazon and bought another (Corsair CMK8GX4M1A2400C14). Installed in slots 2 and 4, won't boot. Boots fine with just the two new sticks and fine with the two old 8gb sticks...
  6. Sir_Gibby

    Question Intel DP55SD Error Code 27 - Confirming Memory ?

    Hello all. I'm building a system using some older components (its mainly going to be a retro PC gaming build). I'm using: an intel i5-650, intel DP55SD motherboard 8GB of Corsair XMS3 RAM (two 4GB sticks @ 1333 MHz) nVidia GT 1050 graphics card 500 watt Power Supply, PNY 250 GB SSD. I put...
  7. U

    Question Panasonic Toughbook CF-C2 doesn't see second memory stick in BIOS ?

    I have a Panasonic CF-C2 laptop that I just picked up on eBay that came with 4GB memory installed in a user-inaccessible slot. I added a second stick of 4GB memory in the user-accessible port on the bottom the laptop and the BIOS is not recognizing the second stick. The added memory is known...
  8. vandalblue

    Question Issue with G.Skill Ripjaws 4 RAM

    Hello everyone! i have a big issue with my rams, well, i have a 4x4 memory kit, g.skill ripjaws 4, 16 gb total. The issue is, since i bought them (6 years ago) i always had problems with systems recognizing them, first with my x99 build, needed to play with all four modules and change their...
  9. S


    I can keep Chrome open for hours, or use Word and other light software forever, but for some reason, gaming causes this memory error. I am unable to play any games. I have done bug checks from WINDBG, and have attached them to the link below...
  10. HDDTHR

    [SOLVED] Incorrect XMP frequency

    I recently purchased two 8GB ram stick that are supposed to run at 3200MHz after enabling XMP in the BIOS, but I only get 2666MHz(I selected the correct profile). I tried to change the frequency manually but the screen went black after saving the BIOS settings. I'm sorry if this is a newbie...
  11. Madara000

    Question Laptop RAM upgrade disappears after restart ?

    Hi there, I'm on a Lenovo IdeaPad L3 15IML05 There's a soldered-in 4GB RAM and another extra 4GB extension expansion slot. I had a ram card in there that used to work and has now stopped working. I tried unplugging and replugging that and it didn't work so I thought it wasn't a physical...
  12. L3vidab0m

    Question Why is my memory speed spiking up too 7000mhz randomly? (also just want a fix)

    Spikes up to 7000mhz randomly, not even just when playing games. causes my computer to blue screen with memory issues while playing games. I just want a fix, I have xmp enabled to 3200 (the speed my ram is) Edit: I ran a memtest 86 and it said that there...
  13. O

    Question DDR4 Memory Problems

    X570 + 3700x Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8 3600 Part Number: CMK16GX4M2D3600C18 Hi Everyone, I've got quite a strange memory problem, hopefully you can help me. I had my ram OC to 3733, with the main timings reduced by -1. I've had my Memory running like this for over a year now...
  14. talhaskrillx

    [SOLVED] Pc won't boot on XMP profile

    Hi! I have the following system -Ryzen 7 2700 -32Gb Gskill Ripjaws V (4X8 GB) -Asus TUF gaming plus X570 (Latest Bios) -Msi Rtx 3060ti -Xpg reactor core 750-watt gold PSU I recently updated my memory from 16Gb to 32Gb (all sticks are the same). But when I enabled the XMP profile it won't display...
  15. R

    Question BIOS woes after upgrading RAM to 4 sticks

    Hi, After buying another 2 x 4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2666Mhz kit to supplement the two I already had to go to 16GB, I am unable to get BIOS to run the XMP to take it up to the afore-mentioned speed. All I am doing is putting the speed up to 2666Mhz and the voltage to 1.35. The system handled...
  16. A

    Question Pc wont BIOS after restarting while windows memory diagnostic

    Hi! i bought a new ram stick today, it was both working fine, but i wanted to be sure so i ran a windows memory diagnostic. it was stuck at 40%, 1 out of 2, so i thought it glitched and restarted my pc (hard reset) now my pc wont BIOS, (It posts), fans running but no bios. I think i messed...
  17. A

    Question RAM usage high even after startup please help

    I have an old pc, its windows 10 operating system, 8GB of ram(now at 7.8GB), 2 days ago the RAM usage that my pc took after startup, started to rise, first it was normally 60%, then it turned to 70%, then 80%, and today it was 90%. CPU is stuff are completely normal. after trying to lower RAM by...
  18. M

    [SOLVED] Is there an issue that i can't run my memory at the advertised speed?

    I'm running single channel 16gb ram that's advertised at 3600 Mhz, i used to have 2 sticks but i spilled some water on my desk and it got into my pc and ended up frying my other stick, the memory channels however were untouched, I know this since I tested all of them. I upgraded my GPU to get...
  19. B

    Question My PC won't boot up after i turned it off for an hour, and yellow DRAM light stays on ?

    Hello guys, I recently upgraded my PC to 32 GB RAM, I had 2x8 TridentZ 3600 MHz and I sell it and bought a 4x8 Corsair vengeance pro RGB and since I installed corsair ram when I turn off my pc for an hour or more, when I try to turn it on the yellow light stays on and nothing showing on the...
  20. S

    [SOLVED] Is it okay to enable XMP on single channel memory ?

    1x Team Group T-Force Vulcan 3200 DDR4 Will there be any performance gain or will be worse ? Planning to buy another stick but in the future . Thank you .
  21. T

    [SOLVED] Cant get my Corsair Vengeance DDR4 over 1499mhz

    Mobo: B350M Gaming Pro Ram : Corsair Vengeance 3000mhz 8gbx2 CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 GPU: RX 6600 I've tried all kinds of BIOS settings, XMP on or off nothing seems to help
  22. xXxREBELOxXx

    [SOLVED] Vega 64 can't OC HBM2 memory above 950mhz when 1150 used to be stable.

    Hey all as the title states I used to be able to have 1150 mhz as a rock stable 24/7 memory clock for years, and as overclocking the core is frustratingly useless that was the one thing my Vega 64 Rog Stix OC had going for it. I reinstalled windows while diagnosing an issue I had last year and...
  23. Rom2

    Question PC keeps restarting without display ?

    My pc is giving me 6 beeps on startup and it wont display anything to monitor. Whenever i remove one stick of ram i will only get 3 beeps. It wont post or anything it just keeps restarting. I dont have any spare parts to test. Help please!! my pc specs: R5 2600x Asrock b450m pro4 G skill...
  24. S

    [SOLVED] Intel i9 11900K Ram overclock

    Hey guys, So I have put together a new pc setup last week and I had some problems with booting to windows. First I thought that it was caused by some bios settings, since I enabled XMP and then I could manually choose which drive to boot windows from. The xmp looked fine, and there seemed to...
  25. jayboi117

    [SOLVED] GPU Crashes after 3 - 4 hours of playing.

    My Build: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 16.0GB DDR4 Ram ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING (AM4) 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER (Gigabyte) 550w PSU I have a interesting issue happening and i am not sure where to look next. I have an RTX 2060 Super and i have had it coming up to 2 years. I...
  26. hallf723

    [SOLVED] Installed new RAM, now there's no audio ?

    I just replaced my 8gb of ddr4 memory with two 8gb sticks of ddr4 memory. Once booting after the install I checked task manager and the 16 gb were recognized but now my audio in any form won’t work. Bluetooth, Headphone Jack, Audio Card, and different pairs of headphones won’t work. I put my...
  27. C

    [SOLVED] Only 14GB out of 16GB available with IGPU turned off in BIOS?

    Hello everybody, i have the following annoying problem and i hope somebody here can help me out: In Task-Manager it says that only 14.2GB of RAM are available because 1.8GB of RAM are HW reserved. Now i do have an i7 6700K but i disabled the IGPU in BIOS. My 2 Monitors are connected directly...
  28. J


    Hi, I have a MSI B450 Tomahawk Max and 2 8gb sticks of eam group Vulcan Z T-Force. My brother recently swapped our RAM as he wanted to test the differences and when I reinstalled my memory, everything lights up and powers on except for the fact that the DRAM LED stays lit and I can’t get onto...
  29. mmzf

    [SOLVED] What if?

    What if one of my memory module gets faulty and other 3 modules are alright & i have to remove the faulty one from laptop, what things will i have to edit in windows to make windows work normal with less ram?
  30. S

    Question 3200mhz ram works only 3000mhz

    Build new pc spec are 12400f Asus b660m plus d4 Tridentz F4-3200C16D-16GTZR nzxt h510 flow Pc runs perfectly fine while using everything auto in bios dram configuration but as soon as I set xmp 1/2 system doesn't start and bios gets reset tried 3600mhz tried 3200mhz with 1.4v same problem but...
  31. Ajesh S

    [SOLVED] Ram compatibility

    Currently i am using a Gigabyte H110 M H motherboard it's supported ram speeds are 2133,2400 Mhz and i5 6500 its supported ram speed is 2133 Mhz only so i want to know if i buy adata xpg gammix d30 3200 Mhz 8gb ram(AX4U32008G16A-SR30) will it work as 2133 Mhz ?
  32. mmzf

    Question HP Probook 6570b freezes, shutdowns.

    Hello, i have Hp probook 6570b with i7 3540m, with 4gb ram at 1600mhz. bios and everything is updated. While using 1600mhz ram laptop freezes in linux on normal use, and on windows laptop freezes, sometimes shutdown like powercut off i mean you are browsing something and bam!! laptop off in a...
  33. K

    [SOLVED] i need extreme help! xmp not working,bsod,games losing frames, overall slower performance after installing additional 16gb of ram

    ok so i bought 8gb of corsair vengeance ram cards identical to the two i already had in my rig, same speed and brand 3600mhz. xmp worked fine on the first two but when i use all 4 it only works without xmp enabled and still seems slower. also i tested gameplay on destiny 2 but frames were...
  34. Evosphek

    Question My available memory is less than total memory

    View: I have 8GB of RAM installed. My total physical RAM is 7.80 (I am aware of this) but the available physical memory is less than 4GB. Can someone help?
  35. S

    Question BSOD

    BSOD occurred due to a driver has failed to complete a power IRP within a specific time. It happened during a manual reboot. All I get from the memory.dmp seems to point out raspppoe.sys.... i am uploading the link crash memory.dmp. Help will be appreciated, thanks in advance...
  36. Bravo_4869

    [SOLVED] Windows Automatically creating page file by it's own

    Hi, I recently changed my default Pagefile location from the System Drive (C: drive) to another drive on my laptop because I was running out of storage. I set the page file on the E: drive, however everytime I reboot, windows just keeps making a "temporary paging file" because of a problem...
  37. M

    [SOLVED] Can I run my ram at potential?

    HI! I have recently noticed like many, my ram was running at 2133mhz. originally XMP was not in bios, but I updated it. I enabled XMP and my voltage went from 1.2 to 1.35 but the speed remained at 2133mhz. Specs are Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H170N-WIFI Ram: Corsair vengeance LPX 2x8gb 3200mhz...
  38. B

    Question Just a little lost in the magical world of RAM upgrades ?

    Hello Tom's hardware I have now, after a few years decided to upgrade the ram on my pc. This is mainly due to the newer games I am interested in require minimum 16gb of ram. With my current setup I have 16 gb of ram. It will highly likely in the future be an issue for me playing my enjoyable...
  39. toby12f

    [SOLVED] No post after enabling XMP

    I recently completed my build, and it worked perfectly for a few days while I set stuff up. Today I was trying to enable XMP, following the instructions in the motherboard manual. Each setting I tried failed, resulting in the computer booting booting BIOS in safe mode, forcing me to reset BIOS...
  40. L

    Question Intermittent issue please help

    PC specs: I7-10700k (default turbo boost) Asus H570-Plus G.Skill 32gb (16x2) 3200mhz Asus Strix 3080 10gb EVGA 750W Supernova Gold 500GB Samsung M.2 NVME 1TB 860 EVO SSD H100i Cooler user benchmark: I feel like I should include the whole story to...