Confused, is my RAM running out?


Sep 14, 2007
Hi. I recently installed 2x1gb sticks of RAm. Since im not an extremely heavy user of applications, initially limited my page file to 50mb. On one day, memory usage went up to 1.50gb to which a warning msg came to close some applications. So i increased page file to 200mbs. Since then my usage never went above 1.25gb of memory, but for some reason when i reach upto, lets say 1.2gb of usage, applications dont open, like i have no free ram left.
RIght now, i have disabled vista aero and ram usage is 970mb, and I am not able to open any other program. Im wondering why this is so? My total page file usage (which includes the amount of ram) is 1260mb/2156mb. So i still have plenty of space left.
Is it really due to low page file amount, if it is then why is so much still free? Could it be a ram problem? thanks


Feb 8, 2007
Try setting your page file size to a minimum of 3072mb and letting your system run with that for a bit to see how it goes.

I don't know if this still applies to Vista but I remember someone telling me that the pagefile should be around 1.5x the amount of RAM you've got. For example, with 2GB of system memory, your page file should be set at around 3GB.

Give it a shot, can't hurt.


Feb 7, 2006
Windows Vista is a memory pig.
Set windows to control the page file, this is the default.
If the problems you are describing do not clear up, perform a memory test on the system.
Vista has a memory test that you can select at start up.
Or you can use Memtest.