Question Confusion regarding CPU core and Vcore voltage

Feb 17, 2019
So, I've overclocked my Ryzen 2700x to 4.1 GHZ and set my Vcore voltage to 1.320v. It's pretty stable. What bothers me is that in HWI monitor and Ryzen Master both show my CPU voltage at 1,21v at all times and HWI monitor shows my Vcore voltage at 1.32v. The question I'm trying to ask is, is this normal? Or is Vcore voltage and CPU voltage supposed to be the same?
"CPU Core Voltage (SVI2 TFN) value is the voltage measured by Voltage Regulator, which is supplied to the CPU (as VRM output). This voltage is then reported to CPU and evaluated using telemetry functions.
Vcore or VDDCR CPU is measurement of the same voltage rail, but by the mainboard logic (ITE chip).
I believe the SVI2 TFN values should be more accurate.
The difference between those values can be due to different measurement methods used and their impact on the readout.
VID value of 1.550V (often stuck) is a bug in the CPU firmware that should be fixed with an upcoming AGESA/BIOS update. "

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