Question Connecting multiple RGB components


Oct 22, 2013
I havn't built a pc in quite a few years so I'm new to RGB so please bear with me if the answer is obvious.
I am planning my new build, and I will be watercooling it using EK velocity CPU block, Corsair GPU block, and Lian Li G1 distro-plate. My question is how will I connect the RGB for all these components on a motherboard with 2 ARGB header. I will be using the Asus Rog Strix z590-e.
I understand how to connect all the rgb for corsair fans using commander pro which will go to USB on the motherboard, but I'm just a bit confused as to how I will connect all the rest.
Any pointers will be much appreciated.
first, do NOT connect 3-pin aRGB cables to 4-pin RGB headers or vice versa. it will damage components and\or motherboard.

you will need to determine how many of each type you are trying to connect; RGB & aRGB.

if you have multiple aRGB devices and not enough motherboard headers to support them, you can purchase an aRGB hub that will.
you can find a hub that can be connected to a single aRGB motherboard header and all of the connected devices will sync with the same colors\patterns.
or you can find a hub that has it's own color\pattern controller and requires no motherboard header.

you can do the same with RGB devices.