Question Constant 100% Disk Space

Feb 26, 2021
I have Windows 10 and a desktop with 2 graphics card. A basic (Intel(R) HD Graphics 530) that I use most of the time and a gaming gpu.

I have 2 problems which I suspect are related. I recently have been having problems with the ASUS screen being stuck during boot and I can't enter BIOS mode. I try restarting a bunch of times and randomly it goes through after a few tries. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to log back in so I started checking issues and things and noticed that my disk space was at 100%. I ran a defrag and a virus scan and it didn't help. I then disabled my Intel gpu and the disk was at 1%, running off the gaming gpu. So I re-enabled it and disabled my gaming gpu, now it is at 1%.

Everything is fine as I am typing this but I worry that just turning it off and on didn't really fix the problem.

Any help is appreciated.


Jun 30, 2019
The disk was running of the gaming GPU? That's not how that works. The disk in task manager is the percentage of your hard drive/ssd you are using. (As in how much of the dirve's throughput is being used.) (If someone can explain this better plzzz do) A GPU renders graphics, and is in almost no way related to your storage drives.

For the stuck screen and actuall fixing of the problem (first part was tech clarif)

What do you mean by the Asus screen being stuck? Is it frozen or just taking a long time to boot?
What's your storage at?
How much Ram do you have?
Do you have a hard drive or SSD (sold state drive)?