Question Controlling default hardware led lighting effect when turning on PC (ROG Build) ?


Mar 25, 2019

sorry in advance for my english, i hope to explain my issue clearly.

I use Armoury crate to control the led effect on my ROG build PC. the latest version of the software seems more stable than the previous ones and the aura sync is working just fine across all the hardwares that support it.

But i still have an issue i have never been able to solve since i built this PC:

Basically, when i turn on my PC, all the parts (MOBO, VGA, RAM, etc...) still use a default led effect (similar to the aura colour cyrcle, but not the same) which i can't seem be able to change/control.

1)I turn on the PC

2)the leds on the rog hardwares use a default cycle effect that appears no matter what my aura sync settings are.

3) i log into my windows account, asus armoury crate starts up.

4)the leds automatically switch to the actual effect i have selected in armoury.

How can i fix this problem? how can i make sure the aura effect i select, starts from the beginning?

I am not totally sure that it is an armoury problem, because the led issue appears when the software is not running yet...maybe something needs to be changed in the bios?

i hope someone can help, let me know if anything on my message isn't clear.


Nov 21, 2019
I don't use armoury but in my Icue there is a hardware default and then a program RGB
If you can look through the software and the Bios as well.
In my Icue they look very similar, and can be mistaken.
I see below that there are two modes 1 with aura sync and 1 without. Disconnect the Sync and set up as stand alond then reconnect the sync and see what happens at boot.
My thinking that non aura set up may be the default