Correct Core i7 core temp utility


Sep 13, 2008
I have just assembled an i7 920 on a Gigabyte EX58 Extreme, using the stock heatsink for now. Ok here is the deal I tested idle and full load with speedfan 4.37, and coretemp 0.99.3 latest release of each. I am getting 15-16 degree Celsius difference between the 2 utility's. Which to trust? My temps run with all Stock settings and stock cooler idle 25c and 40c. Under full load prime95 gives 60 and 75 Celsius. I do intend to go back soon with a thermalright 120, but still I am going to have this discrepancy. Is there a trust worthy utility for the i7 yet? I know the heatsink is installed soundly albeit with the intel goop. I will be going back with 7 carat Diamond paste when I get the 120 cooler on, and start cranking up the O/C then.
I might also mention bios gives temps of system 34C and cpu 38C. I can't get the gigabyte utility to run under vista x64 ultimate it gives windows socket error and crashes.


May 12, 2008
Real temp seems to be the most accurate with I7's(it's what I use). The reason you get a 15C difference between core temp and speed fan is because speedfan needs to be calibrated for quad cores and you have to add 15C to each core. But, don't use speedfan, use real temp or core temp, they're both pretty close.