Could it be my power supply?


Jan 29, 2010
Over the weekend, I installed a new mobo (Asus ASUS M4A785-M) new ram (OCZ) and processor (Phenom x2) to replace an older Intel motherboard and P4 processor.

I have a ePower EP-550XPF 550W.

I've tried about everything short of a new PS. I have an older Zalman 400w I can try.

However, even when I try to power up with the RAM removed, the light on the mobo is green and I get no beeps.

I've unplugged everything except the processor, and there is no change (no beeps).

I've read this mobo has about a 10% failure rate. Before I send it back (RMA is in hand), I thought I'd check the last thing I have not checked.

I know the ePower is garbage, but is it so bad that I won't get beeps? I'd hate to send back the mobo if it is my power supply not meeting its demands.



May 29, 2009
well first thing, i would turn the speaker on my cases, the other-way round since some PC cases label it upside down. with an upside down speaker, it won't bleep (unless your speaker is actually on your MOBO.) also i believe thats a dead Motherboard. my old ASUS P4 ended exactly like that.
The speaker is basically nonpolarized. Yes, there are polarity markings, but the only place they make a difference is with the LED's. Don't worry about the speaker polarity markings.

The light on the motherboard is turned on by the output of the standby power supply inside the PSU. It has nothing to do with the main power circuits that actually power the computer.

Try the Zalman PSU first.

Then our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread: