Question Could you tell me if these things work together ?

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This, in my opinion, is the best hardware forums on the internet. Someone who is knowledgeable, and is either an enthusiast, or a professional in their field will undoubtedly be here to help in the future as they are now.
There are plenty of knowledgeable on other forums and elsewhere on the web. The problem is, most of them are holier than thou elitist types or just people with bad attitudes in general, and the majority of those places don't honestly do much to ensure that people are responding appropriately with a civil nature, especially to those who are inexperienced or are not nuanced in the areas necessary, so they end up just being cesspools of hostility and tightly knit cliques that resent "outsiders". We try to make sure this community doesn't do that. It's not what we're about.
But if we are being honest, I think ALL of us, at some time or other, have been guilty of some level of such things in some regard or other. Just, not as a way of life. Unfortunately it feels like those days are numbered. Don't ask why, it's clear for all to see. (Hint: AI is taking over the roles of real people online just like robots have done in factories, etc.) It's not paranoia if they are actually coming for you. LOL.