Question CPU and GPU usage is at 50-60% equally... HELP

Oct 29, 2020
I'm not sure how to properly optimize this. I know for a fact that I need to upgrade off of a 1080p 240hz now that I have a 3080, but how far do I go and or how far will it go? I personally like to play on highest setting for the best quality. I just rebuild my computer in which I now have a i7-10700k with Asus Tuf z490 Gaming. All other components are fine and irrelevant here.

I honestly don't even know if both being at 50% is bad... Please help I've never been in this situation with new dropped stuff lol. I notmally have the older versions.
50% CPU usage is normal for an 8 core 16 thread CPU while gaming as games don't utilize all the cores to 100%

50% GPU usage on a 3080 while gaming at 1080p sounds about right as there is just not enough pixels to process in parrallel to keep the card busy