Question CPU and VGA ezDebug Led on

Oct 17, 2020
Hello everyone,

so this morning i turned my pc on, it went to a blue screen with the message the "your device needs to be repaired" and it restarted its self and booted. When the pc is on now temps look good. I tried turning it off and on again. Now every time the CPU led ezDebug lights up for a couple of seconds, then turns off, VGA led turns on for couple of seconds then off, and then pc boots normally. When its on the leds are all off. I've had this build for two months now and i didnt have any problem. It worked fine until last night. My temps are around 50 Celsius on idle and 78Celsius when gaming. (I live in a kinda hot climate, room temperature is never under 30).


Mobo : msi tomahawk max b450
CPU: amd ryzen 5 3600

CPU Cooler : Stock
GPU : Asus evo GTX 1660 super

Ram: Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB(3200Mhz, "OC" through bios to reach advertised 3200)
PSU: Corsair tx650m
Case : Corsair 275r Airflow with 3 stock fans, 2 as front intakes and 1 as exhaust

Vic 40

Hard to say. Can make sure you have the latest bios or even test with the bios at optimal defaults, so no A-XMP enabled.
Make sure you have latest chipset drivers,
AMD Drivers and Support for Radeon, Radeon Pro, FirePro, APU, CPU, Ryzen, desktops, laptops

For windows could you open the CMD as admin and try command "sfc /scannow " , say this since it said device needs to be repaired. You have no problems with booting since this seems a windows problem?