Question Cpu causing pc to not turn on

Jan 26, 2022
So I recently bought a new b365 h motherboard and an used psu, I connected everything and when I clicked the power button I got a black screen, the fans were slowing down and speeding up for a few seconds, and the lights on the motherboard (led's) were turning off and on for a few seconds before the whole pc restarted and it just kept going like that. I got the cpu cooler off and I noticed that the cpu was heating up a bit and when I took the cpu off and tried turning the rest of the pc on the led's on mobo and fans were working fine. I think it's the cpu that died but I don't have any way of testing it so I need suggestions what to do.


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So I recently bought a new b365 h motherboard and an used psu
Make and model of the motherboard as well as the PSU? According to the seller, how old is the PSU and what did the PSU power prior to getting into your hands?

Please list the rest of the parts that you're pairing with the above used parts. Also, did you inspect the CPU socket for any bent or broken pins in the CPU socket?