Question CPU Fans Light

Jan 12, 2022
A pleasant day to all.
I recently discovered that I can hold the button for switching fans color to turn off my Fans' light. I do not know if this is intended for some setups.
Is this a function I shouldn't be worried about? I want to keep it this way as I find it unnecessary when I'm working at day.

My Case:
Keytech T1000


I cannot find details of that case. But I can tell you what is a common feature on many that come with lighted fans. The case has its own button you use to change the display pattern of the lights, right? That means the case has a small lighting Controller that they plug into. On many cases, that controller also has a special function and a cable that can plug into a lighting header (in your case, an ARGB 3-pin (5 VDC) header). Then when you hold down that case control button for 5 secs, it changes and lets the mobo lighting header take control. BUT if you have NOT connected the special cable, (maybe your mobo does not have any such header to use), holding down the button only tells the case's Controller board to turn over control to an external signal it does not have! So you get no lights at all. This does NOT harm your case or your lights, so go ahead and use it.