Sep 24, 2011
Ok so heres the deal. Im on a budget, and with it i can get the following:
i-5 2500k and a radeon 6850 OR
Phenom II x4 955 and a radeon 6950 2gb
The way i see it if i get 1st setup ill be replacing the GPU in a year or so, with 2nd setup ill be replacing the CPU in a year or so...

What i wanna know is, if i go with the 2nd setup will the CPU bottleneck the GPU and if not i need a Mobo suggestion (cheapest possible with option to go bulldozer) that wont hold me back on OC-ing (mild OC-ing in future)...

Or, should i go with the first setup (if i do i cant OC right away since i aint got money for cooling) will the GPU hold me back a lot or not and if not how long till it does?

Or, should i wait till bulldozer comes out and see what happens with the prices (this is my main idea regardless if i go setup 1 or 2)

Sidenote- computers main and all purposes are for gaming (browsing a lil etc..)
Sidenote2- I do not plan on SLI/Xfire since that would mean a new PSU which i aint got money for plus here the best quality PSU you can buy is CoolerMaster rofl, so go figure
Sidenote3- im from europe, in a country where prices are messed up and varry a lot, so about links you can use newegg ill just compare to prices here

Thank yall, and have a nice day.