Question CPU High Temps

Apr 22, 2022
Hi I recently purchased a CPU, mobo, and AIO cooler for a new build
i7 12700k
MSI Z690 MPG Edge WiFi DDR4
MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2

After putting the PC together, i booted up windows and went to check temps (using Core Temp), and noticed my CPU was idling at an abnormally high level, roughly 50-60 C, and would eventually crash. I checked all the hardware. AIO pump and fans working. Heatsink has solid contact with the CPU. Adequate amount of thermal paste. I cant for the life of me figure out why temps wont drop.

Cpu temps seem fine in BIOS (roughly 30 C), and only spike when going into windows. Currently trying to reset my PC and reinstall windows and see if the issue persists.


Spiking is normal and should be expected. Can't have an functional OS or PC for that matter without that happening.

What header is the pump plugged into? The header's default curve should determine the pump's operating curve:
Water pump headers run at 100%. They can be adjusted in bios.
Other headers run on a sloping curve. They can be adjusted in bios.

Are you choking the AIO's fans, or perhaps have them facing the wrong direction?

Z-series motherboards have auto overclock modes, and some are enabled in bios by default. Asus has their MCE, or Multi Core Enhancement. I don't know what Msi calls their all core enhancement feature.
Also, if you installed Dragon Center: last I heard, that app has been applying an overclock simply by being installed - it doesn't ask the user whether to apply it or not either...
I also have the 12700K but on a ASUS Z690 Strix D4 motherboard. Your BIOS temp looks good and in windows you will get occasional spikes. As Phaaze88 has said, could be something like MCE which I disabled and then did a manual overclock including using an adaptive vcore.

Though I am running a 360mm AIO, run something like Cinebench R23 on the multicore test and check temps. Hopefully you will not throttle and be anywhere from mid 70's to mid 80's degrees C. Idle should be around 25 to 35 degrees of course case and country (hot or cooler region) dependant.

Once you have reset your system, use the optimised defaults to start with, XMP 1 and then work from there.

Finally good case airflow does make a difference.


Mar 24, 2021
That seems too high, at those temps idle, I would guess that the AIO tape/seal is still on, the AIO pump isn't plugged into the correct header and possibly isn't even running, or something similar. The temp difference in bios compared to your OS, most likely is an issue with the AIO, I'd take a wild guess, and point at the AIO pump not running, or running at a much lower RPM then it should, with stock, my AIO pump was running at 400RPM for some reason.

  • I'd make sure that the AIO seal isn't on (Some aren't too obvious, and I've nearly stuffed up with a few before), which matches the bios and OS idle temp difference.
  • Secondly make sure that the AIO pump is plugged into the correct header.
  • Thirdly check your bios and ensure that the fan speed for the pump header is correct. Generally AIO pumps run at about 2500RPM, so ensure it's displaying an RPM similar too that, it's also recommended to run the header at 75% - 100% (Generally most AIO pumps will make no noticeable sound difference, so it's best to just keep this at 100%).
Sorry I was going of CPU temp which you mentioned was at 30 degrees C but if it is consistantly idling at 50 degrees C then as DogNamedNibbles has stated, way too high and run through his check list..As mentioned what are your base line temps at load?