Info CPU loading on core performance boost -tip for overheating cpus

Aug 28, 2020
Hi all

I posted a question the other day about core performance boost leading my ryzen cpu to 'overclock' all the time and idle at 80 degrees C

I didn't get too much help, and I have noticed lots of people not just on this forum but others post similar issues so thought I would post a solution I found.

I have been running a citizen science project in the background for the last couple of years. The idea is the processor takes any spare capacity it has and devotes itself to the project for the good of humanity!!

I dont know if its a quirk of the ryzen chip, but basically it had identified this project and just fully performance boosted iself to be doing this project 24/7. Leading to stupid high temps all the time. Disabling the project with Core performance boost active dropped the temp from 85 to 45.

So basically, if you have a really hot cpu using performance boost and have citizen science projects going, it might be worth disabling the project. I havent seen this solution posted anywhere else so thought I'd post it.