Question CPU not down speeding after disk clone

Feb 2, 2020

I am switching from Mini ATX to Micro-ITX and have purchased three ASUS H110i-Plus MB's (Need the Space)
Each have the same CPU i5-7600 and 8GB of same Hyper X RAM, Samsung 250gb EVO SSD so three identical systems.
I have installed ye old Win10 from ISO DVD then used Windows 10 updater to get Windows updated to Pro 1909 18363.628

After this Windows 10 install plus update I have installed a bunch of app that i would want on all three systems.
Google Earth, MPC Adobe Reader, Sony camera support, Samsung smart switch etc etc.

After all the App installs, i run Task Manager, Performance CPU usage is about 1% and CPU downs speeds to about 700Khz
I clone this original installed EVO SSD to another identical EVO SSD.
I then plug the cloned EVO SSD into one of the other identical systems and the CPU runs at about 1% but runs at 3.9Ghz
Why please does the CPU not down speed on an identical cloned system?

NB I have even tried putting the cloned SSD into the MB/system that Windows was build on and problem is same.
So it seems that if Windows if cloned/backed-up to an identical SSD, the CPU will not down speed on a back-up.

Many thanks in advance imk
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Cloning has never resulted in peace of mind operation over the long run. You should cut your losses(in terms of resources spent) and just install the OS from scratch after creating a bootable installer using Windows Media Creation Tools. After each system has their OS installed, you can then move to manually installing the app's as necessary.

Prior to any OS installation, it's a good idea to make sure you're on the latest BIOS for any motherboard.
Feb 2, 2020
Hello lutfi and many thanks for the reply.
Been in IT for 50 years (before was called IT) and been cloning for i can't remember how long and it is VERY reliable way of duplicating complex and multiple application installs systems. Done thousands of PC's for airports all over gods earth that way; then just do a PC station name change, that way one or two men (or women) can do what would require an army. . Plus how do you think PC and Smart phone manufacture install OS and apps... One by one? :-( they create a master and CLONE it. :)

What problem turned out to be was cloned identical system (MB,CPU,RAM,SSD, BIOS) was plunged into a HDMI monitor unlike the VGA monitor of original install. This caused the Power Management to change from Balanced to Full resulting in the none down speeding. Changed cloned system to balanced and down speeding working just fine at 700khz.

I learn something new every day, defo one to look out for when changing monitors, but i guess like most of IT software IT IS VERY POORLY TESTED against changes in environment.

But the one that really ticks me of off is USB devices reverting to being powered off (usb power management defaulting) every time a windows/driver update comes in... Please MS fix this one.......

Test it, Test it, Test it, Test it, Test it, Test it, Test it, Test it, Test it, Test it.
Is what i always used to say as you have no idea what may happen when it goes wrong.
Are those bodies all over the mountain side, oh my god maybe we should have tested it more.

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