Question CPU overheating but low CPU usage

Jul 19, 2021

My fairly new laptop (0.5 years) developed a strange issue recently. During everyday uses (browsing internet, zoom calls) it suddenly turns itself off occasionally. As it happens without warning, it is hard for me find the exact root cause.
However, after monitoring a bit my hardware, I found that my CPU temperatur is extraordinary high, often ranging between 80-100° Celsius even when simultanouesly the CPU usage is below 10%.

(1) Does anyone has any idea what causes this high temperature?
(2) Is it plausbile that this is the reason for the occasional shutdown?

Thank you for your help!

PS: At this moment, with only chrome being active, 50% of 16,0 GB RAM is utilized. However, That should not cause any problems, right?
My system specs: AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with Radeon Graphics 2.90 GHz
Windows 10 64-Bit
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Hey there,

I've a similar HP Omen 15, only my proc is an I7 9750h. You've a stronger CPU with more cores/threads. Most gaming laptops will hit those temps regularly when gaming something like BV F, or modern titles. It's par for the course. Unfortunately, laptop designs often mean the fan/pipe system used to cool it, is adequate, and sometimes not.

Whilst temps at 80-100c is within parameters for a gaming laptop, at just 10% usage that is pretty high for me.

Get yourself a good laptop cooling pad, with adjustable height. This will lift your laptop at the rear, giving more clearance and more airflow. The fans on the cooling pad will blow cooler air into your laptop which will help cool it better. You could expect a decrease in temps by maybe 5c at load, and 10c at idle.

You could also try the this : Ryzen Mobile Tuning Program Offers Overclocking-Like Capabilities for Ryzen Mobile Laptops | Tom's Hardware (

I'm not suggesting you do, because it requires a good level of knowledge of what you are doing. But essentially, it can undervolt your CPU thus reducing voltage to the CPU, and as a consequence reducing heat/temps and also fan noise. Id advise you read a lot about this before even thinking of attempting it.

Give your laptop a good blast with compressed air. If possible remove the laptop bottom, and clean the fans out internally. Make sure they are dust free. With lots of dust etc, it can really choke up the exhaust which will keep your temps high.

You could also look at replacing the thermal paste on your CPU. Most gaming laptops come with some generic thermal paste. Some good quality stuff can reduce your temps even further, by maybe another 5-10c depending.