CPU overheating. Thermal paste problem?



My CPU seems to be over-heating.

I'm using:

Gigabyte P35-S3G motherboard
Intel core 2 duo E6750
NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT

Now a while ago my fan came loose and broke from my motherboard so I bought a new one, cost quiet a lot ( like £80 ) so I'm guessing it's a good one. Well it was working fine for a while until one day my computer suddenly making an alarm and over-heating. I took off the fan and made sure it was back on. Now I've looked all around, checked with many temperature measuring programs and it's defiantly the CPU that is the problem.

Idle my Core temps are around 44/46 and GPU is arund 58. Then when I load a game, in a matter of minutes the temperature rises to around 80-90C for my core and 70 GPU. The alarm goes off so I turn off the game and it goes back down to idle temps.

Now when I replaced the fan, the thermal paste had all dried up and the fan isn't the sturdiest connected to my old motherboard, but again, I never had this problem before until I took off the fan so I'm thinking ( hoping ) that all I need is some new thermal paste and just to make sure the fan is defiantly in place. But if that isn't the game, can you possibly think of any other problems it could be?

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