CPU Temps Who do trust


Oct 2, 2008
For those that have the Knowledge:

I built a system with a p6600 Quad Core and MSI P45 Platinum MB - Overclocked to 3GHz
Multiplier x9
Bus Speed 333
FSB 1332.6
VCore 1.35
Cool Master MARS CPU Cooler running at MAX FAN RPM

MB BIOS H/W Monitor reports CPU idle temps of 41-43C

Hardware Monitor Ver 1.13.0 Reports idle Core Temps of 45-49c
Fanspeed Ver 4.37 Reports idle Core Temps of 47-49C

I suspect that the MARS Cooler is just not enough for the Quad Core.

What CPU core Temps should I expected at this overclocking level with a good cooler?



May 31, 2004
I can't tell whether you are monitoring Tjunction or Tcase. I know that the BIOS reads Tcase in most, if not all, mobos and I suspect yours is the same. If so, then those are high. If you mean Speed Fan then those are Tjunction. They are too high.

Use Core Temp or Real Temp to monitor temps. Depending on the revision of Real Temp you are using, your temps may be 5C lower than Core Temp. If this is the case believe the Core temp numbers. This assumes that you have a Q6600 G0 processor. You can run CPU-Z to verify that.

Download Prime95 and run the small FFT torture test while monitoring with Core Temp. If they go above 70C then get a better HS. Always include ambient (room) temps when posting temps.

Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide

I just looked at that crazy cooler. You might just as well get the XIGMATEK Dark Knight-S1283V anyway, assuming you have clearance in your case.

When applying thermal paste with the Xigmatek cooler, apply a thin layer across the CPU IHS (top) or across the whole base of the heatsink. The paste won't spread properly through contact because of the gaps between the heatpipes and the base.

You should also check your Vcore in CPU-Z, it may be higher than it needs to be.

Here are my idle temps @3.2G (C1E enabled) with 1.136V-1.152V Vcore in CPU-Z and ~23-24C ambient for reference.