Question Cpu usage and fps drops

Jun 9, 2019
Thanks for replying
The PSU im currently using is a thermaltake berlin 80+ 630 w
and my specs are following :
GPU: GTX 1080 8gb
CPU: i7 8700k OC at 4.5 ghz 1.145 v
RAM: Ripjaws 2x 8 gb 2400/mhz OC at 2533 mhz
Mainboard : asus prime z730p
PSU : thermaltake berlin 80+ 630 w
OS: Windows 10 pro x64
HDD: 2TB WD 7200 RPM
SSD: Kingston 120 gb with os and the game i play the most where the drops happen (Fortnite)
also tried to switch the game bettween HDD and SSD and still the same
my temps seem fine they dont jump too high to the point that it would cause drops
i have a thermaltake water 3.0 and 4 fans
its just the cpu usage that bugs me it doesnt look quite right and its all i can see when the drops happen or maybe its my ram causing this issues because i overclocked it but it seems stable when i stress test
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