Question Crashes with some games

Aug 30, 2019
Hi Guys.

So here's my scenario:
i7 860
16gb ddr3 1600
Intel DH57DD Motherboard
2TB Barracuda
nvidia gt 1030 2gb
VS550 psu

Been potato gaming on this thing for a while, until I got a new RX580(Armor mk2 oc). Ran ddu, then installed latest drivers from msi.
Despite expected bottlenecking because of old cpu, I ran most games fine at high\ultra setting 60 - 100 fps@ 1080p
...Until I experienced crashing in some games. (Metro Exodus, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, only at certain parts\scenes of the games though.) I get pass those parts by lowering the resolution to OMG! levels and then increase it again, which of course bumps up the cpu usage.
Checked the temps, and the cpu was running a little high at mid to high 80's, the gpu almost always in the 50's\lower 60's.
Replaced the cooler with a hyper 212. Temps went down to 60's. Problem remains.
So screw it. I replaced the motherboard with a Gigabyte GA-H81-HD3, and the cpu with an i7 4790. Problem remains.
Replaced the psu with a VS650. Problem remains.
Uninstalled ALL drivers, and updated to latest versions. Problem remains.
Ran all windows updates. Problem remains.
Removed hdd, and installed WD 1TB Blue. Fresh install latest version of windows with all drivers and that good stuff. Problem f$%# remains.
Older gpu drivers. ...Problem remains.
To prevent high gpu temps I increased the fan speed significantly. (Radeon wattman, not afterburner(tried both))
This should theoretically increase the power draw of the card but... I replaced the psu.
This means I literally replaced EVERYTHING but the card.
Am I in denial? It's the card isn't?
Games like mad max, doom 2016, rise of tr, run beautifully for hours on end though...
Its just some games, and of course I updated them as...
The games that have this issue are newer though...
Before I replace the card, does anyone have any thoughts on why this is?
What's causing this? I have noticed the nvidia branding and optimizations on\in the games... not sure if that plays a role, even though I have a very non-nvidia radeon card...
In summary, some games (Metro Exodus, Shadow of Tr, hard crashes my PC, no warning, just shuts down and restarts)
Only in some parts\scenes of the games.
If I tone down the resolution to OMG! levels, I can get past those scenes, its just annoying as hell.
Does anyone else have this issue with the RX 580? Or radeon cards?

Any ideas\ theories\solutions would be appreciated.