Question Creating separate SSID with second router


Sep 17, 2016
Simply trying to use my own router to create my own network using the SSID and password of my landlord's network provided to me. Goal is to limit the devices connected to his router so only one (my router) connects to his.

Can I use the SSID and password as my WAN setting on my own router and then create my own wireless network for myself?


You need to connect a cable from his router LAN port you your WAN port.

Make his router IP address your WAN address and create your own subnet.

So if he is you make your router and set your WAN address as The third digit set in the octet defines a distinct subnet with the security that you need.

HERE is a picture of what you want to do. And yes, you want to use a different SSID and PW than he does, also find out what 2.4GHz channel he uses and select a different one from the three non-overlapping choices of channels 1, 6, and 11.
You would be running a repeater. Some repeater let you use a different SSID but it is still the same network really and the wifi signals will actually interfere with each other. All depends on why you really want to do this. It is much simpler to just connect your devices directly to his router wifi. The only reason you should run a repeater is when you can not get signal from the main router and you place the repeater 1/2 between to extend the signal. It still has many disadvantages and in general it cuts the speed in almost half.

Unless he resticts the number of devices or he is using some form of mac address restriction I can see no reason to run a second router. The method you propose is one of the common ways to get past mac address restictions since everything appears to come from the router. This does not sound like your situation so adding the complexity of a router/repeater in the path just is not worth it.