Jan 18, 2012
Trying to find a cross reference source to find what systems 2GB 2Rx4 PC2-5300P-555-12-J2 will work in. I know its server grade memory, but I have 16GB worth of it and planning to build an ESXi box. Plenty of sources out there that determine what memory to use in a known system, but always wondered if one can search for the compatible system based on the memory.
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In simpler terms the RAM is DDR2-667 ECC, therefore you need to look at, in most cases, LGA 775/771 MOBO's.

The SuperMicro MBD-X7DAL-E-O LGA 771 can use 6 of your 8 sticks. The 'problem' is RAM even ECC now is dirt cheap and IMO building a system using old and outdated RAM as you 'deciding factor' is a greater waste of money and in particular performance. If it were me eBay or otherwise sell or shelve that memory and look for a better platform and start from scratch.

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