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  1. InsanityCrescendo

    Question Laptop can't connect to many websites (ERR_SSL_BAD_RECORD_MAC_ALERT) ?

    I'm having a pretty weird problem. At some point and without having done anything different, my laptop just can't connect to certain websites (many websites, not just 3 or 4). When I try to access those sites I get the following errors: Firefox: Secure Connection Failed (no error code) Opera...
  2. JUDGE DREDD2013

    Question Fing Warning - You have connectivity problems.

    Fing is showing the warning You have Connectivity Problems - Ethernet link speed is not optimal. I am running Windows Ten Pro 64. The Router is a PlusNet Hub 2 . The adaptors in PC are Gigabit Network Connection. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks
  3. A

    Question Default Gateway Problem

    Hello everyone. So I built a new pc from scratch, everything works perfectly, but the only issue is that every now and then I lose internet connection to my pc (it is connected via cable and not wirelessly). And according to the troubleshooter this message pops up: "The default gateway is not...
  4. LASERR00

    Question Lenovo G50 WIFI disconnecting and disappearing?

    Hi , I'm very confused about this problem. I took friends Lenovo laptop G50-80 for a check over and to re-install windows 10. After fresh install of windows i was using WIFI on my home network 2.4ghz and while using internet it just cut off and i cant find it again in WIFI list of networks...
  5. laokbejarok

    Question Can a faulty cpu cause internet problem?

    Hi, I have upgraded my cpu from ryzen 5 2400g to 5600. After the upgrade I noticed that my wifi card not detected anymore. (Not even detected in device manager). Ethernet connection also disconnect randomly (error code 43). I have done many things to solved this. -Clean windows installation...
  6. P

    Question what would be better to use - HDMI or S/PDIF or USB

    My desktop pc, my sound bar and my TCL TV have ports for these. I don't know the advantages and disadvantes of using HDMI or S/PDIF or USB to connect the two. Is one tech better than the other? Why?
  7. D

    Question Wired Network Connection Lost After PC Randomly Restarted

    I was watching a youtube video when my desktop PC decided to restart. When it booted back up (Windows 10) I no longer had a wired connection. I'm not sure what all information I should include so I will add what I think is relevant. Steps I've taken to repair the issue (some tried multiple...
  8. J

    Question Looking for information about a networking setup

    Hi, my friend currently has a problem with his internet connection on his pc. He lives in a garage annex which is disconnected from the main house where the main internet router is. Currently, from this main router there is a cat6 cable which runs outside into the annex and into another router...
  9. lamont228

    Question PC - TV Connection problem

    I've ran into a strange problem for the first time. Whenever i connect my network cable into my computer, the tv's image and sound start lagging (connected through signal cable). Both my Pc and Tvs are connected to the same router. Does anyone have an idea of what is going on here?
  10. S

    Question Wired Internet connection problems after new GPU installation ?

    Hi there all, new user of Tom’s Hardware here seeking any help that I can get to find an issue that I have with my PC (I’m a rather amateur builder so people may be able to spot any immediate errors in my hardware). In December 2022 I purchased and installed a new graphics card. Previously I...
  11. randompunk

    Question Power connector for HP ML370 ML350 G6 SFF Backplane Board 511785-001

    Hello All, I am wondering if this board could be added to a PC and be powered by the current PSU? If so are there any adapter cables that can utilise spare Molex cables and turn them in to a 10 pin EPS ( I think its an EPS ). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers See pics below, If...
  12. Morchek

    Question My internet connection goes out randomly for seconds

    My internet connection on both my PC (ethernet) and on my phone (WiFi) cuts out randomly quite often. When it happens, it only lasts for about 5 - 20 seconds but it often cuts out again within a minute, and sometimes it will cut out 1-2 seconds after just cutting out. It mostly happens around 12...
  13. I

    Question How can I monitor my internet connection?

    Hi guys, I’m in a pickle right now. The internet connection at my place isn’t the best. It keeps on dropping at random, and the speeds are fluctuating. For now, I only have my phone, and laptop connected to the network, but soon I will be having TVs, more phones, another laptop and a desktop...
  14. Matthew Wai

    Question Why does it take a longer time for an old modem to get ready when the temperature is low?

    I had an old modem that had been used for 11 years since 2011. When the fourth indicator light comes on, that means Internet connection is available. Before 2020, the light came on soon after I turned on the modem. After 2020, when the room temperature was low, it took a longer time before the...
  15. agangurde1000

    Question can we used 2 monitors for 2 operating system in one pc

    hey guys i want to install ubuntu on my 2nd hard disk , and i dont want to shut down my pc every time to switch os so what can i do here, can i used 2 monitors for single pc and one monotor will show me windows and other one will be ubuntu. i thinks its not possible i have my 2nd old pc where i...
  16. I

    Question Built a pc. Monitor. mouse and keyboard isn't turning on.

    So, i just finished building a pc and when i booted it for the first time, my monitor, keyboard and mouse wasnt turning on. What could this be a problem with?
  17. Steven Mal

    Question Webpage stuck at "Checking if the site connection is secure" screen ?

    I apologize because I don't know exactly which forum this thread belongs in. In the past I have used the web browser on my LG OLED 65B7A TV to watch videos on The browser, website and videos have always worked flawlessly until now. For the first time ever, whenever I click on a...
  18. random5

    Question AX3 Router sort of restarting randomly? I get booted out of games

    Hello, I am using Huawei AX3 router, recently bought. Sometimes several times in an hour, sometimes less often like once in couple hours router appears to reset itself, it's barely noticeable and I only noticed after I turned off the LED indicator light and seen it light up again in moments like...
  19. NotMelvin

    Question rubbish connection only on pc

    sky router connected to; MSI B75MA-P45 TP-LINK WIRELESS ADAPTER 5ghz Windows 10 pro 10.0.19044 gtx970 750w psu i7 -3770k 120gb ssd (OS only) 320gb hdd bought this pc about 6 months ago, it has always been slow connecting into online games, but always really fast with webpages. i lived in...
  20. C

    Question very odd powerline issue..

    hi guys trying to scramble my head at the minute...i have community fibre gigabit and i am using a powerline capable of 1gb with adjacent cat 6 cables either of them is on an extension lead as my power outlet is too low to plug any ethernet into....i only get about 60-120 mbps....i...
  21. B

    Question Devolo Magic 2 WiFi 6 issue?

    hi there. have devolo magic 2 lan and wifi 6. it works great, with full speed. ive also cloned wifi to develo, but..... i ve noticed with my mobile, that whenever i "switch" wifi source, i start losing connection to other devices like the philips hue bridge and the only solution is to restart...
  22. C

    Question Am I going to be able to use a converter to get data from my Seagate Barracuda?

    I have a Seagate Barracuda, and I bought Zilkee to get recover data from this drive. But I can't connect it like Zilkee suggests: My drive doesn't have the power supply connection (see below) Can anyone provide tips on how I can connect this drive to my Laptop in light of Zilkee's inability?
  23. RTX30XX2021

    Question VirtualBox WiFi Kali Linux

    Hello everyone, So I have a ALFA AWUS 1900 usb wireless adapter. I have installed a Kali Linux virtual machine in virtual box and when I run it, it has no internet connection. I believe there is no internet because I need to install necessary drivers for the adapter to work, however I can not...
  24. P

    Question Are MAC addresses coupled to customer details upon purchase of NICs or computers? If not, why is this?

    Hi everyone, I have done quite some research, but there is something about MAC addresses and traceability that I don't understand. Can someone explain it to me? My current understanding is as follows: MAC addresses are used on the local network level. If someone attempts to connect to an...
  25. C

    Question Connectivity Issues After Moving Apartments

    After a recent apartment move, I have started to find many new connectivity issues with my PC. All of my issues have arisen since my move (to clarify, none of these were problems 10 days ago). Here are my Specs: MB: MSI Meg X570 Unify CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600x GPU: Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060 PSU...
  26. H

    Question Weird Mi TV Stick paradox ?

    Hello you all. I wasn't able to hang my tv on the wall bcoz it doesn't have hdmi on its sides. Also usb on the TV doesn't give enough juice to the stick. Anways I've been using the stick without any problems. I decided to buy a new hdmi extender so I can hang the TV on the wall (bcoz I couldn't...
  27. N

    Question NVME SSD - pc not booting

    Hey! I am trying to boot from my intel 660p M.2 NVME but when I install it into my motherboard, BIOS doesn't launch. When I boot without it installed, BIOS works fine, until I insert it again, which then freezes BIOS. This SSD has windows 10 installed and worked in my previous PC, which I...
  28. B

    Question Internet (Ethernet) Lags for 1-3 seconds every night at EXACT same time

    Every night the last week my internet lags for maybe 1-3 seconds. Not long, but long enough to notice. If I'm in a game my ping goes from 5ms to 9k then comes back down to 5ms. This happens EVERY NIGHT at the same time 22:44. Has anyone encountered anything like this before? Been going on for...
  29. TheFlash1300

    [SOLVED] How do i make my laptop emit signal while in sleep mode?

    Hello. I'm using my laptop as a router to emit signal, so i can connect 8 more devices. The built-in router my laptop has is 802.11ac. My question is, is there a way to make my laptop still emit signal even when the laptop is in sleep mode? Currently, the devices receive internet connection...
  30. M

    [SOLVED] Best way to connect AIO/Fans ?

    Hey guys! So I bought an Ekwb Elite 360 and i'm planning to connect all the fans to the included hub. I'm not gonna put the 6 fans in the front, i'm going to substitute the ones i have now, 3front 2top 1 rear. The main question which i'm reading a lot about is... Which is the best way to connect...
  31. H

    [SOLVED] Second router suddenly has no internet

    So yesterday I bought the Gigabit TP-LINK Archer AX1500 AX10 router and I connected it LAN to LAN to the first router.It worked fine. Today it dosen't work in any configuration.I tried plugging the cable in the WAN port and the Internet icon on the router is Orange instead of green. View...
  32. U

    [SOLVED] Terrible connection for gaming but speedtest results are decent, ISP is completely useless in helping as well.

    So I am having troubles playing any game whatsoever due to my connection. When I do a speed test I get decent numbers but whenever I play any game on my PC I have nonstop lag and its completely unplayable (random spikes of 200+ ping for long periods of time) and it happens for every single game...
  33. F

    [SOLVED] Wi-fi issues/ PC Configuration

    Hi, I've had issues with wifi connection on my computer for about 4 months now, ever since I moved to a new flat where I have a new internet contract. Basically, everytime I start my pc (running on windows 10) and open a browser, after a few seconds the connection drops. That lasts for half a...
  34. O

    [SOLVED] Types of wireless data transfer?

    Dear all What other hardware than Bluetooth, Network card and FM transmitter (Radio hardware?), can transfer data through “air” / wireless? Thank you in advance for replying Best regards
  35. A

    [SOLVED] Modem Micro-Cuts very often

    Hello, For the past 6 months or so I've been having trouble with my internet where I the modem turns off all lights for a second and then slowly turns them back on. I've had had at least 6 technicians come over and try to fix it without progress, so far they've change the modem twice, replaced...
  36. Wolfmeister97

    [SOLVED] Can't use PS5 Controller on PC

    Hi! I just bough a PS5 controller for my PC. Last night I made it work for Steam, but today it doesn't want to work anymore. I must mention that I don't have a motherboard with bluetooth built in, so I am using a Bluetooth Dongle. Somehow the controller connects to PC (the blue bar shows up)...
  37. T

    Question Can't get signal if I connect my pc to my monitor via hdmi or displayport while pc is running

    Hello to everyone! I have built a new system and can't be sure if it is a problem with my hardware or not. Whenever I start my pc while plugged in and monitor is on, system boots just fine. But if I plug the cable (hdmi or Displayport, problem occured with both) after pressing the power button...
  38. I

    [SOLVED] How do I configure IPV6 in my router?

    Hi guys! I need help configuring my second router IPV6 connection. What happens is that in the main router, the ISP router, the IPV6 connection works and apparently keeps changing its address over time and I don't know how to make my second router keep updated with the new addresses. I managed...
  39. E

    [SOLVED] Wi-Fi and Ethernet drops out separately

    The internet connection in my apartment disconnects from time to time for ethernet and Wi-Fi separately. My desktop has ethernet connection while my partners laptop uses Wi-Fi. Sometimes I lose my connection while she still has internet and other times it's she who loses connection while I still...
  40. B

    [SOLVED] Ethernet Speed

    Hi, So I just got a new router with my roommates and it is supposed to have a 1Gigabit connection. My PS4 is connected via a CAT5 ethernet cable but the highest speeds I can achieve are around 250 mbps down and 6.8 up when my roommates PC is getting around 900 download and 114 upload. I have...