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  1. Zorozephyr09

    [SOLVED] Cleaning PC: Using Wet Wipes

    So I'm planning on giving my pc a relatively thorough cleaning in a couple of months, and I was wondering whether it would be okay to use isopropyl alcohol wet wipes during cleaning? I'm going to be using primarily compresssed air for getting rid of most of the dust and muck, but for the smaller...
  2. S

    Question Recommended PSU

    I have an Alienware 15R3 (GTX 1060/i7-7700HQ @ 2.8GHz/8GB DDR4) that uses a 180W PSU, is this the ideal adapter?
  3. Reeve

    Question Can i overclock 3000mhz ram stick to 3666mhz

    I know i can overclock 3000mhz ram to 3200mhz...but can i run it stable at 3666 on msi z370 gaming plus motherboard? If yes then what voltage should i keep the voltage or just keep that on Auto
  4. Zheats

    Question 16GB installed on computer but only 8gb is being used...

    I recently just upgraded my CPU, Ram, and Motherboard, and when i come to see the system information, it says '16.0 GB (7.95 GB usable)' My specs are: Motherboard: Gigabyte B450 Aorus M AM4 mATX Motherboard Ram: Corsair 16GB (2x8GB) CMK16GX4M2A2666C16 DDR4 2666MHz Vengeance LPX DIMM Black CPU...
  5. P

    Question my friend is going to purchase a new laptop

    hello my friend is going to purchase a new laptop please suggest the best laptop under 60k ind rupees, he need a laptop for just programming purpose and not for gaming, web surfing, need a good battery life. and i seen some laptop with i5-8300 and i7-8550 and some benchmarks of that i shoked...
  6. N

    Question Monitor recommendation

    1. What Is Your Country Of Origin? USA 2. What do you plan to do with this monitor? Gaming (WoW/Starcraft 2,) general use, software development, remoting into my work VM (I’m a software developer obviously) 3. What resolution and screen size do you want? 4k. 34+ 4. What refresh rate do you...
  7. K

    Question is the intel 660p worth it?

    I was looking at getting my first SSD so i was looking at the 500gb SATA 860 Evo but noticed that (at least in Sweden) the intel 660p NVME drive is cheaper, and after looking at some reviews it isn't the fastest NVME drive in the world but its obviously faster then the 860 Evo and that it only...
  8. R

    Question Help me understanding Port Forwarding

    I need help understanding what i'm doing. I just wanted to port forward Black Ops 3 PS4 but I couldn't figure out what to do when online tutorials would mention port fowarding the PS4 itself and also giving the PS4 a Static IP which has been confusing me if any of this is related or even needed...
  9. T

    Will I be able to get donations even if I don't have a credit card or saving and checking account?

    I am a new streamer and I am young enough to not have those stuff I made a PayPal account but I am not sure if I need a credit card for the donations to get to me
  10. S

    [SOLVED] From software Games not starting up.

    Hello, So I got this problem for a while now and am kinda desperate for help now. So as the title says I cannot start up the games from 'From Software'. These games are Dark souls 2, Dark souls 3 and their newest release Seniro Shadows Die Twice. The first time I clean install them for the...
  11. Question 100% Disk Usage

    And below is the computers spec Dont really understand why its disk space is currently always running at 100%
  12. D

    Question help USB3.0 eXstensible Host Controller has a problem!!

    Hey guys, long story short my elgato said i needed to plug the cable into a 3.0 port so i did that, it didnt work so i changed the ports and so on, tried every port and it didnt work so i hit on to youtube and google, searched some stuff up, didnt work. Did more didnt work, then i found...
  13. O

    Question PC randomly restarts

    So I just finished building a new pc and it will just randomly restart, usually during gaming. All of the parts (except the HDD) are under a year old and I have tried multiple solutions. I have reinstalled windows and reformatted both hard drives, unplugged and plugged back in the psu leads...
  14. A

    Question Usb not working on Gigabyte motherboard

    Hy everybody. I am about to sell my config, but I noticed a big issue with my USB ports. All my front panel USBs stopped working (i tried different motherboard and the front panel USBs are working just fine) On the back i lost 2 USB 3.0, but for some reason a Dell keyboard works fine with them...
  15. Maimoru

    Question Help with APU's

    I am looking for an apu that works as a good cpu to but has week graphics, honestly the IG can be as bad as they want to be, I just need them to exist, dose anyone have any help Or advice they can offer?
  16. O

    Question What should i sell my pc for?

    Cpu: Ryzen 5 1600 Graphics Card: Zotac Gtx 1070ti mini Ram: 4 x 4gb sticks of Geil Super Luce RGB Ram PSU: Evga 500 B1 Bronze Power Supply Motherboard: B350-F Asus Strix Gaming SSD: Silicon 120GB HDD: 500Gb Fijitsu Drive Cpu Cooler: Coolermaster G100m RGB 'UFO' Cooler Case: Coolermaster...
  17. M

    Question CPU ez debug light

    I just recently bought and installed an MSI Z370 Pro with a new CPU and RAM (i5-8600k and 16gb of Corsair Vengence). When I first turned it on, the fans would spin but the ez debug light for the CPU was on. I forgot to plug in the CPU power (ikr) so I plugged that in and now the fans won’t even...
  18. Jkwan

    Question Need to upgrade my PC: Are my parts good?

    I want to stream and game at the same time so I was looking to upgrade my pc. I noticed that the current case that I have, the corsair spec-01 is fairly loud and I was looking into getting a case that was a lot quieter. After doing some research it looks like AMD is the best option in terms of...
  19. Carlosnagaoka

    Question Motherboard Intel(R) Z77

    My Motherboard Intel(R) Z77 support Intel®Core™i7-9700K Actually using Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 (QuadCore/3.40GHz
  20. J

    Question 144hz turns off after running programs

    Hello everyone if this was posted previously I apologize for not being able to find it. I have a 144hz monitor and it reverts back to 60hz after running games in fullscreen mode. When I go into the windows or the AMD settings, it says it is running at 144, but my eyes tell me its 60hz and...