Question Crucial BX500 2TB sector size ? SOLVED

Mar 10, 2022

I made a raw-copy of a HDD with 512 byte native to a Crucial BX500 2TB SSD to clone my whole ubuntu-system including data (I know now there are better ways to do this).
Then I noticed that my SSD has a sector size of 512 byte also. I don't think that 512 byte is native to this SSD, so I deleted partitions and re-wrote the partion table but it still has 512 byte sectors?

Festplatte /dev/sda: 1,84 TiB, 2000398934016 Bytes, 3907029168 Sektoren
Festplattenmodell: CT2000BX500SSD1
Einheiten: Sektoren von 1 * 512 = 512 Bytes
Sektorgröße (logisch/physikalisch): 512 Bytes / 512 Bytes
E/A-Größe (minimal/optimal): 512 Bytes / 512 Bytes
Festplattenbezeichnungstyp: gpt
Festplattenbezeichner: D35E6168-EA27-4F83-9466-9B5A3C06030F

How can I get 4096 byte on this SSD? Or is 512 byte the correct state of a BX500 SSD?
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